Technology goods – General deal 01/06 promotion

Genuine iPhone X 64GB costs 19.95 million; Ricoh SP210SF multifunction printer costs 3.05 million; Sharp air mosquito catcher 2.99 million are outstanding incentives on June 1.

You can share more promotion deals below. International deal you can contact the service of buying households from the United States. The above promotion deals may change the price due to the end of the promotion code or the expiration of the promotion period.

Backup Battery 8000mAh Built-in Wireless Charger Baseus
Selling price is VND 590,000 VND 390,000

Baseus backup battery with 8,000 mAh capacity including 2 5V-2A USB-A charging ports, charging port into microUSB. Built-in battery with 5W wireless charging surface. In addition, the edge of the battery can be ejected to make the phone stand to make viewing content more comfortable.

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Phone iPhone X 64GB VN / A
Selling price is VND 26,990,000 reduced VND 19,950,000

iPhone X marks Apple's entry into the product line with a 5.8 OLED display. "Slim edges, characteristic rabbit ears design. Rigid steel frame frame, rear 12 MP dual camera, with telephoto 2x telephoto camera with anti-vibration. The device owns the Apple A11 platform, supports 18W fast charging, wireless charging Qi.

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Air Purifier Getting Mosquito Sharp FP-GM30E-B
The price of VND 5,290,000 decreases VND 2,990,000


In addition to dual air filtering with a large dust filter and ultra-small HEPA dust filter, Sharp FP-GM30E-B is also capable of catching mosquitoes by UV light at night and an effective mosquito-repellent membrane. Running mode Haze alternates between two high and low modes to ensure effective air filtration, avoiding the air having an unexpected source of pollution. Plassmacluster technology creates ions to help filter odors in the air, giving you a pleasant feeling.

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Goodlife GL-LN04 Hot Water Filter
The price of VND 1,590,000 decreases VND 1,190,000

Loading Goodlife-GL-LN04.jpg ...

Goodlife GL-LN04 Hot and Cold Water Filter with 65W and 500W cooling / heating capacity, electronic chip cooling system with separate switch. Large water plugs, fit to the top of specialized water bottles for water plants and filters, making changing water bottles simple and more convenient.

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Magic Korea A-76 Food Dryer
The selling price of VND 1,999,000 decreases 799,000 VND

Loading Magic-Korea-A-76.jpg ...

Magic Korea A-76 food dryer is capable of drying fruits, vegetables, medicinal herbs, meat of all kinds … can be dried, brittle, dried or dried out of water for berries. The machine consists of 5 separate drying trays, made of heat-resistant plastic, safe for health, easy to clean after use.

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A4 Laser Versatile Ricoh SP210SF Printer
Price of VND 5,000,000 decreased VND 3,050,000

Loading Ricoh-SP210SF.jpg ...

Ricoh SP 210SF multifunction laser printer is modern and professional design with many printing modes. It has a print speed of 22 pages per minute, a resolution of up to 1200 x 600dpi, a 150-sheet paper tray for seamless printing. The printer connected via USB 2.0 connects directly to the computer.

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Combo EchoShow (2nd Gen) and Echo Dot (3rd Gen)
The price of $ 279.98 decreased $ 229.99

Loading Echo-Show- (2nd-Gen) --- Charcoal - + - Echo-Dot- (3rd-Gen) --- Charcoal.jpg ...

The device includes smart screen Echo Show (gene 2) and Echo Dot virtual assistant speaker (gene 3) supports virtual assistant Amazon Alexa, connecting with many smart home devices. Echo Show supports 10 "screens as well as 2x 10W speakers, microphone for voice recording. Dot Echo is suitable for use in many different locations in the house.

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Crescent Repair Kit CTK170CMP2
The price of $ 206.13 decreases $ 84.99

Loading Crescent-CTK170CMP2-Mechanics-Tool-Set, -170-Piece.jpg ...

Crescent CTK170CMP2 tool kit consists of various tree-size openings, shaft type with multi-size, alkaline-cut screwdrivers, separate screwdrivers or screw-tip screwdrivers. All encapsulated in the box easily arranged and retrieved when needed.

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Sony SoundBar Speaker HT-MT300 / B
Price of $ 348.00 is reduced $ 198.00

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Sony HT-MT300 loudspeaker system with 50 cm long sound bar supports multi-analog, digital and USB connection. 9.5 cm ultra-thin subwoofer is easy to put in tight spaces, enhancing bass sound.

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Oittm 5 in 1 Stand Charging Hub for Apple Product Series
The price of $ 45 decreases $ 35.99

Loading Oittm-[5-in-1-New-Version]-5-port-USB-Rechargeable-Stand.jpg ...

Oittm multi-purpose charging dock with 35W capacity including iPhone dock with lightning port, Apple Watch charging port with lower section of the cord. The device has 3 rear USB ports that support charging for mobile devices on the desk.

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