Technology enthusiasts are eager to join Google I / O Extended Hanoi 2019 - VnReview

Technology enthusiasts are eager to join Google I / O Extended Hanoi 2019 – VnReview

On July 14, 2019, the largest and most anticipated annual event of Vietnamese people who love technology and programming: Google I / O Extended 2019 was successfully held at BKHUP Co-working Space Hanoi. .

Following the success of previous years, this year the event attracts 12 leading speakers in the field of domestic and international information technology with in-depth analysis of hot topics in the IT industry such as AI, Machine Learning, TensorFlow, Javascript, …

Hundreds of technology-enthusiastic young people were present early check-in and immersed in the bustling atmosphere of the event.

Wize Solutions' space, the gold sponsor of the event, attracted the attention of young programmers to participate in the event thanks to the rewarding games with attractive content. In addition, this year's Google I / O Extended 2019 is also accompanied by other sponsors like Google as a Diamond sponsor, Standard Chartered Bank as a Gold sponsor, BraveBits as a silver sponsor and Up co-working space sponsored location.

One of the very special topics and attracted much attention at the event is "Building applications with Machine Learning technology" shared by speaker Alberto Escoto from Wize Solutions.

Wize Solutions, a member company of YNV Holdings, has just opened an office in Hanoi at the end of May with an orientation to self-develop products and provide software solutions to customers worldwide.

Wize Vietnam is a company specializing in providing software solutions for the world's leading IT companies, with offices at Lotte Center Hanoi. The company officially went into operation in Vietnam from 5/2019.


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