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Technology changes the way businesses approach customers

While Vietnamese consumers are very fond of digital, many Vietnamese businesses have not focused on using this platform to reach customers.

To maximize the sources of investment for brand development, now businesses (businesses) are forced to respond promptly to digital business trends, creating a technology platform to reach customers anytime, anywhere and personalize the user experience.

Entering the digital era

Sharing the story of learning how to build a brand in the digital age at the Brand Forum organized by Forbes Vietnam recently, Mr. Le Quoc Viet – Vice President of Nutifood Company, said it took two years of research. and invest to see what digital is. They learn from partners and also the ways of their competitors to achieve their desired goals of developing new customers, interacting better with customers and how to measure metrics for different customer groups.

For example, Nutifood learned from its Friso brand when it launched a smart and successful digital marketing campaign. They combine with Zalo to have large data sources, thereby giving useful information to reach the right customers, saving a lot of time and money.

Mr. Le Quoc Viet – Vice President of Nutifood Company (2nd from the right) shared at Forbes Vietnam Brand Forum. Saudinh: Forbes Vietnam.

Nutifood also hired a UK-based partner to assess the digital competencies of its personnel, on the basis of which it began to build its own team. “We have gone through the first difficult step, now more confident because the amount of data available is a great potential to build a brand on a digital platform,” Mr. Viet said.

Thanks to the cooperation with the Government to implement the Vietnam Stimulate program, Nutifood has 1.5 million updated data on indicators of height, weight, health of children. In parallel, Nutifood started to combine online and offline marketing programs, such as a campaign with Samsung: Nutifood doctors came to the health center and consulted about 150,000 workers have since been included in health care data, shared interest and many of them have become Nutifood’s customers.

Nutifood spent the first two years on digital transformation as a process of trial and error. According to Mr. Viet, from the experience, they realized that the current branding of businesses is not only beyond the scope of branding (branding) to make money, but also a message about people to connect. make consumers understand and love their brand to keep them. “In the next 5 years, Nutifood will continue to spend 40% of marketing expenses on digital channels, up sharply from the current level of only 10%,” Mr. Viet shared.

Meanwhile, according to Mr. Anantharaman Sridharan – General Director of FWD Vietnam, in the insurance industry, there are many business areas built on the digital platform. Life insurance is a product of the last priority in the shopping cart of customers. How to give a different brand image to customers to understand that this is an important industry and that spending is useful for them to plan to buy insurance.

Mr. Anantharaman Sridharan – General Director of FWD Vietnam. Saudinh: Forbes Vietnam.

For FWD, data mining is capturing a part of human needs, FWD must surprise customers when they do not use traditional paper contracts but electronic contracts to bring optimal utility. for customers.

“We don’t spend money on advertising, we see branding as a long-term strategy. FWD chooses to create the right and different product, determined to succeed only two ways: to be the first in building a new platform, and having to make the product fresh and different from the products of other companies in the same market, “said Anantharaman Sridharan.

Change the way you interact

According to Ms. Melissa Nguyen – Director of Marketing Solutions of Google Vietnam, there are two factors that businesses need to change to adapt to the digital trend in branding, which is the data source and how to interact with customers. . She cited the successful return of the Bitis brand by completely transforming its brand positioning, reaching young people with digital campaigns that resonated on the digital platform.

Thanks to the online promotion Black Friday 2016, the brand of young Juno shoes emerged in the market; or The Coffee House chain is well recognized through the campaign to promote friendly coffee space on social networks …

Ms. Melissa Nguyen also raised the paradoxical fact, while Vietnamese consumers are very fond of digital, many Vietnamese businesses have not focused on taking advantage of this platform. While foreign businesses have a wealth of experience and financial resources to deploy brand communication campaigns on digital platforms, most Vietnamese businesses have just started with a small budget. And businesses formed with the recent technology wave will be more agile in this process.

Mr. Nguyen Hai Trieu – CEO of YouNet Media. Saudinh: Forbes Vietnam.

From the perspective of digital media, Mr. Nguyen Hai Trieu – CEO of YouNet Media said that data is changing strongly and changing marketing methods, and technologies such as payment (fintech) are completely changing. customer behavior. Businesses use huge data resources from the internet and social media platforms to connect with customers and get to know them.

These data are analyzed in real time, helping businesses to respond flexibly and promptly to user trends, support branding, compete and create market share. Branding not only builds a good image but also creates business performance by making a difference for each customer group, personalizing their experience and thinking of methods for each customer.

According to Mr. Trieu, big companies have a lot of potential to gather abundant data sources and keep up with new exploitation methods, while small companies can use internal data first. On that platform exploits social media networks like Facebook or Google to reach customers. “Use data resources from all sources, with analytical tools to create a closed circle of marketing,” said Mr. Trieu.

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* Source: Saigon Businessman


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