Technologies that are commonly used in car engines

Technologies that are commonly used in car engines

In the car system, the engine is like the “heart”. Therefore, car manufacturers are constantly researching and releasing new technologies in cars that are applied to engines to improve vehicle performance.

The construction of a car engine consists of many parts. Every detail inside the engine has a unique mission and must be combined together for the best performance. Also because of the above, many car manufacturers have constantly researched and developed new technologies in cars that are applied to engines to increase capacity, reduce fuel consumption, reduce emissions, reduce costs …

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Turbocharged car engine technology

Terms like turbocharged or twin turbocharged Twin Turbo… we must have heard it twice or thrice. But what is turbocharging really? The structure of the internal combustion engine will include 3 main things to operate: gasoline / Diesel, air and ignition. So, according to the principle that an automobile engine works, if you pressurize the air more, what will happen? Yes, the car will generate more power than usual with its Turbocharger and Supercharger parts. The two parts mentioned above will help compress the air into the high pressure combustion chamber to create a higher compression ratio.

Turbocharger technology makes the engine more powerful

This can be easier to imagine when comparing it to a close analogy to overclocking on a computer. When overclocking, your computer will become more active than it initially performed. However, if you perform turbocharging several times, it will put great pressure on the overall engine. This will reduce the lifespan for car engine Generally speaking. But today, turbocharged cars are increasingly improved and widely used. Many popular car models are starting to switch to turbocharged engines such as Honda Civic, 7-seat Honda CRV car …

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Hybrid car engine technology

As the issue of reducing emissions to protect the environment is getting more and more attention, car manufacturers have improved engines into “hybrid”. So What is a hybrid engine? It’s a car engine system that will have 2 separate types of engines. One will be the traditional internal combustion engine and the other will be the electric motor. Hybrid cars are created to use a combination of traditional engines and electric motors to optimize fuel consumption, increase performance …

The hybrid engine will have important parts such as:

  • Electric motor: is the most important part of the whole engine. In addition to its usual function as a generator that powers the vehicle’s activities, it also regenerates energy from the brakes into electricity to reverse charge the battery.
  • Braking energy regeneration system: as mentioned above, the electric motor has the function of converting energy. However, the car needs a regenerative system to absorb the force from the deceleration and drop the slope to store it in the car battery.

Hybrid car engines help reduce emissions

In addition, a special point of vehicle Hybrid Popular with everyone, it is the ability to run purely at low speeds. Like the Toyota Prius is a best-selling hybrid in America. At low speed the car will not consume traditional fuel but only consume electricity. And when increased to high speed, the car will combine electric and internal combustion engine with gasoline consumption of 4.7 liters / 100km. Many current models are also starting to launch more hybrid versions such as Tucson cars, 7-seat Nissan X Trail cars …

Improved Diesel engine technology

Diesel motorcycles many years ago have the disadvantage of loud noise and worse performance when comparing diesel engines and gasoline engines of the same capacity.

However, with the improvements in the engine and the increasing quality of the Diesel, the vehicle uses Diesel to achieve high efficiency. Plus an inherent advantage of Diesel cars The main thing is that it comes from the cost of fuel which is much cheaper than gasoline. This has made Diesel cars a worthy choice for many people. Some of the popular oil motorcycles on the Vietnamese market today include the 7-seat Toyota Fortuner, the 7-seat Ford Everest with a diesel engine …

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Diesel engine

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The camshaft technology is placed above

According to structure and working principle of the internal combustion engineThe camshaft will be responsible for controlling the fuel flow and the amount of air entering the combustion chamber to cycle. The improved tilting of the camshafts on top means an increase in the number of intake valves. In addition, bringing the camshaft up will help the car get more air into the combustion chamber to help achieve high engine power.

Hopefully through this article, Car Players can provide you with many useful automotive knowledge related to car engines.

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