“Team Liquid 2021 is the best team I’ve ever played for”

Veteran jungler Santorin has talked about his career, especially Worlds expectations in a new shirt …

Jungler Lucas’ CareerSantorin‘Larsen in the LCS is like playing roller coaster. He was on top with TSM in 2015, but also failed the promotion tournament in the Gold Coin United shirt during the 2017 season.

Even so, past year and into this year, things seem to be getting better and better for this 1997-born jungler. He attended the 2020 World Final in the FlyQuest shirt, and then signed with Team Liquid before winning the LCS 2021 Lock In – the North American preseason tournament.

Santorin when he was wearing TSM shirt

Santorin: “This is the best team I have ever played for.”

Theoretically, this could be said to be correct. Team Liquid is the North American representative with the best performance at the 2020 World Championship, and in the transfer window before Spring, they also had relatively quality additions. Edward’s bot lane duo ‘Tactical‘Ra and Jo’CoreJJ‘Yong-in is still the top two names in North America in their place, and Nicolaj’Jensen‘Jensen can be “weak and fragile” in the world but in North America is still “strong as a dragon like a tiger”.

But Santorin then believe that the potential of the team could still be even greater. It is based on the experience that the Danes have gained from experiencing both successes and failures in his long career. Santorin Old enough to know what opportunities I have to seize, as well as how not to turn myself into a team weakness.

In the world, do not say, but in North America hardly anyone can match Jensen

The reason I say that is because when I joined TSM in 2015, I thought the roster was really good at the time, but I didn’t feel ready to be part of that roster yet. I thought I was a team problem at the time. Now I feel like I’m really ready to be in Team Liquid’s roster, and I’m sure this is the best team I’ve ever played for.“,” He shared.

We can play any lane, and everyone has a really good understanding of game control and teamfights. As a jungler, I have very strong laners right now, and they almost always win in their laning, so that makes teamfights a lot easier, So at the moment I feel like we are a really comprehensive team. “

Second in the LCK first leg, Liiv SANDBOX urgently added the former FPX ADC

From TSM to Challenger Series, then back

Two years ago, it’s easy to look back on the time Santorin at TSM in 2015 and confirmed that he was at the peak of his career. But then the Danes struggled to escape the Challenger Series again. Luckily, FlyQuest gave Santorin the chance and he proved he was not quite out of date yet.

That’s my home. It was the first team I had been with for so long. I feel really comfortable, I love playing at FlyQuest, I love my squad,” I said. “While it is true that I feel comfortable in FlyQuest, in the end I feel like I can become more comfortable with Team Liquid. Obviously you have to adapt to different players, different organizations, but when I look at Liquid’s organization it is really amazing..

Santorin has been with FlyQuest for more than 2 years

There was a time when he thought he would never return to the LCS again. But now, Santorin has completed her second World Championship, and is on her way to making it for the third time this year.

Get hope back for yourself, for North America in the 2021 World Championship

Liquid was expected not only to bring in another LCS championship, but perhaps the strongest roster in North American history at Worlds. However, there are still some hurdles between now and then ⁠— just look at Cloud9’s case in 2020 to see how a strong team could collapse to the point of losing a World Championship ticket. how.

I said that we are the strongest team, but I think C9 is just as strong, and 100 Thieves too. The three of us are the top three, and the other teams are one to two ranks weaker than us. I see 100 Thieves or C9 being able to take us down easily, like how we can take them down, so clashing with them is really a big challenge.“.

TL won LCS Lock In after defeating C9

If Santorin Not being able to make it to Worlds with this squad, it could mark the end of the Danish international’s dream of touching the World Cup trophy. However, there will always exist a little hope of never dying.

I think this time if we don’t go any further than the group stage, I don’t think I will find a squad that can do that. I really believe in the four guys I am with as well as the coaching staff, that this will be the best chance I have. At this point, I want to do everything I can to make it happen, because this is my ultimate motivation., “I said.

T1 Zeus:

When the interviewer urges Santorin Talking about the outfit he wanted if he won the world championship, the Liquid jungler laughed. “I never even thought about it, because actually I have not seen it at all for many years.“,” He shared. “I’ve always been a fan of Lee Sin, and he also has a lot of great outfits, so maybe that’s not the right name. If I really win, then I will definitely think of a suitable champion. “

Maybe Trundle. I also really like Trundle so maybe this champion will suit me. “

At the moment, Team Liquid is not starting as expected in the LCS Spring 2021 with 3 wins and 3 losses, temporarily in the middle of the standings.

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