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Tasomachi: Behind the Twilight – Discovery of a very pretty demo


Coming soon to its end, Steam games festival will have been the occasion from February 3 to 9 to discover the demos of independent games, in addition to being able to follow interventions and other FAQs from the creators behind certain future jewels. We are therefore going to present to you some of these titles that have caught our attention. But before we start, we remind you that the festival ends tomorrow (February 11) at 7 p.m. So don’t hesitate to visit Steam before tomorrow night to try your hand at these worthy demos.

The first game, or rather the first demo that we will present to you is that of the mysterious Tasomachi: Behind the Twilight. Developed by the equally mysterious studio Orbital Express and edited by Playism, an independent games platform, Tasomachi is an independent adventure game that seems to have the ambitions of a big production.

At least visually, because that’s the first thing that strikes you when you look at the game, its most charming 3D “oriental fantasy” universe. For those who have already tested Asian MMOs or Genshin Impact, you will find in Tasomachi the same type of universe. A bit as if Final Fantasy took place in Imperial China.

This aesthetic, the game owes the artist Nocras, who became popular with his drawings illustrating oriental fantasy universes. And it is this artistic direction that will have attracted us, like many players, to its demo. But before we get into it, it’s time to walk you through the history of the game.

Tasomachi - illustration by artist Nocras

Traveling around the world at the command of her airship, the young Yukumo finds herself reaching the shores of a great city with oriental architecture. With her precious flying vehicle breaking down for no apparent reason, she is forced to explore the city to find spare parts. She then discovers that the city is deserted, the last remaining inhabitants being strange catmen.

Requiring no more than twenty minutes to go around, this demo is divided into three distinct parts. You will take the airship control by Yukumo in a very short but very pleasant sequence.

Then we are left in control of Yukumo herself in a kind of small dungeon called the Sanctuary, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the platform phases. Once this Sanctuary is finished (about 5 to 10min), we are teleported to the last section of the demo which leaves us freely explore part of the city.

This is undoubtedly the most interesting part, letting us appreciate the architecture of the city full of life, despite its emptiness, thanks to the colorful graphics. This segment also allows us to start to distinguish a little more from the gameplay.

We pick up two collectibles already crossed in the sanctuary just before. These are coins or emblems and lanterns. We understand that these two elements give us the possibility to open doors for the lanterns and to launch quests with the catmen mentioned above for the parts / emblems.

Alas, we can not discover more in this demo. Before concluding, we can still tell you two words about his music. It is the work of the electronic musician Ujico aka Snail’s House and could be described as8bits electro Kawaii sweet. Again, if you’re familiar with Asian MMOs you know what we’re talking about (like Flyff’s music).

So what does this demo tell us of Tasomachi: Behind the Twilight ? Well already that the title still needs a lot of gestation. because if the models of Yukumo, his airship and buildings flatter the retina, the animation is a little floating it seems. Not to mention finishes like the interface which is still to be done.

Nevertheless with time and, we hope, greater visibility thanks to the Steam games festival, the Orbital Express studio could give us a contemplative adventure / exploration game, where we would work to find parts for our airship and solve the mystery of the silent city. Dungeons would be combat-free, relying exclusively on puzzles, puzzles, and platforming.

What do you think ? Have you tried the Tasomachi demo yourself? Come talk to us in the comments.



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