Target CB350! Royal Enfield「Meteor 350」

Royal Enfield, a longevity brand headquartered in India, recently announced the launch of a new model Meteor 350 with a neo-classical style and equipped with a 349cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine.

A strong opponent of CB350 H’ness? !

Royal Enfield, with a brand history of more than 65 years, recently announced the launch of a new model of the Meteor 350 with a cruising body equipped with an air-cooled long-stroke single-cylinder engine.

The Meteor 350 adopts a very sturdy double cradle frame with a seat cushion height of only 765mm. It is equipped with an upright front fork, dual gun rear shocks, torpedo-type exhaust pipes, etc., which are essential equipment for traditional street car models. It comes standard with a navigation system named “Tripper” and a USB socket. The overall style is retro but with modern technology.

There are three versions of Meteor 350, namely Fireball, Stellar and Supernova. The Fireball is the standard version. The Stellar has a backrest and an electroplated exhaust pipe. The Supernova is based on the star and adds goggles. The highest-end version of the kit.

▲Fireball (Fireball)

▲Fireball (Fireball)

▲Stellar (stellar)

▲Supernova (Supernova)

▲On the right side of the meter is a navigation system called Tripper, which is based on Google Maps.

The suggested price of Meteor 350 in India is 150,000 rupees (about 56,000 NT dollars), which is cheaper than the CB350 H’ness (190,000 rupees = about 73,000 NT dollars) launched by HONDA! In addition, the displacement, engine form, and car style of the two are quite similar. It is unavoidable that the imaginary enemy of the Meteor 350 is the CB350 H’ness, which is also made in India.

Since CB350 H’ness has already been introduced to Taiwan by traders and the price is only NT$149,000, will the cheaper Meteor 350 have a chance to run on the streets of Taiwan? Let us wait and see!

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