"Tang Detective 3" pre-sales of 774 million, breaking the record of Fulian 4, hidden behind an amazing good news

“Tang Detective 3” pre-sales of 774 million, breaking the record of Fulian 4, hidden behind an amazing good news

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774 million! “Detective Chinatown 3” rose to prominence. The total pre-sale box office broke the record of “Avengers 4” in one fell swoop. The pre-sale of 547 million on the first day also broke the record of the latter.

But this is actually not surprising at all.

In 2019, “Avengers 4” took advantage of the glory of the last movie, fan blessing, word-of-mouth fermentation, and smashed 4.2 billion box office in the Mainland, and the global box office reached 2.798 billion US dollars!

However, when we look back at the box office of the blockbuster introduced in the past 5 years, we will find that this is already the pinnacle of blockbuster introduction. And the decline in the introduction of blockbusters has already been declining.

“Tug-of-war” between hero blockbusters and domestic films

In the past five years, the Chinese film market has experienced a “hurricane advance”.

The box office has skyrocketed year after year. The total box office in 2016 was 49.2 billion, 2017 was 55.9 billion, 2018 was 60 billion, and 2019 was 60.7 billion. Although affected by special reasons, it has shrunk to 20.4 billion in 2020, and the overall upward trend is gratifying.

However, what is gratifying is that the skyrocketing box office is not at all introducing blockbuster films, but on the rapid improvement of the strength of domestic films.

In 2016, among the top 20 in the mainland box office, although 11 were all domestic films, the reputation of domestic films at that time was widespread. Stephen Chow won 3.39 billion box office with a “Mermaid”, but the Douban score was only 6.7 points. Among the top 20, only “Operation Mekong” had a double hit at the box office.

In contrast, the introduction of blockbusters, nine shortlisted in the top 20 that year, only one “Escape from the Jedi” with a score of 5.7, the others are above 7 points, “Crazy City” not only box office reached 1.53 billion, ranked second, and Douban scored 9.2. It was the highest that year.

But in 2017, the situation quietly reversed. Although 11 blockbuster films were introduced into the top 20 of the annual box office list, there was “Wrestle!” “Dad” and “Dream Travels” are two excellent works of over 9 points, but there are also “Transformers 5: The Last Knight”, “King Kong: Skull Island”, “Extreme Agent: Ultimate Return”, “Resident Evil 6: Final Chapter”, etc. A series of word-of-mouth works for pulling the hips.

Domestic films have appeared this year, such as “Wolf Warriors 2”, “Ice Fist of Shame”, “Fang Hua”, “Riding the Wind and the Waves”, “Take the Tiger Mountain” and other new films with good performance, especially “Wolf Warriors 2” is getting wildly. At the box office of 5.639 billion, Douban can still maintain a score of 7.1, which is not easy.

The “tug-of-war” between the introduction of blockbusters and domestic films has intensified in the next two years, but in this battle, blockbuster films have slowly been defeated.

In 2018, there were 9 blockbuster films introduced in the top 20, and there were three movies with “Top Player One”, “Mission Impossible 6: Total Disintegration”, “Avengers 3: Infinite Warfare”, but one domestic film appeared. Criticism has been praised and called masterpieces, “Operation Red Sea”, “I am not a god of medicine”, “No Name” and “Wuwen Xidong” are completely comparable to the existence of blockbusters.

It was this year that “Detective Chinatown 2” received 3.371 billion box office and Douban scored 6.7 points, making people start to dream about Chen Sicheng’s “Tang Tang Cosmos”.

In 2019, this kind of duel almost appeared as an overwhelming victory for domestic films. Only 7 imported blockbusters made the top 20 at the box office that year. Among the top ten, there was only “Avengers 4”, which ranked third with a box office of 4.2 billion, and only this one had a reputation score of over 8 points.

On the other hand, the domestically produced films this year, “Nezha: Devil Boy Comes to the World” has a box office of 4.934 billion with a score of 8.5, “Wandering Earth” has a box office of 4.618 billion with a score of 7.9, and “You are a teenager” has a box office of 1.53 billion with a score of 8.3. The introduction of blockbusters is even better.

In this “tug-of-war” between the introduction of blockbusters and domestic films, the latter has steadily surpassed the former, and the box office performance is far better than the former.

In summary, from 2016 to 2020, the proportion of imported blockbusters in the box office in the Mainland has been shrinking every year.

In 2016, the total box office of the top 20 blockbusters was 9.495 billion, accounting for 34% of the box office in the Mainland that year.

In 2017, the total box office rose to 13.806 billion, but the proportion dropped to 24%.

In 2018, the total box office dropped to 13.386 billion, and the proportion also dropped, only 22%.

By 2019, the introduction of blockbuster movies is even more fading, with a box office of 11.002 billion, which has dropped to 18%.

But in 2020, due to special reasons, the introduction of blockbuster collective “Cool”, only “Creed” and “Wonder Woman” broke into the top 20 box office charts, accounting for basically negligible 4%.

Looking back, the pre-sale of “Detective Chinatown 3” broke the record of “Avengers 4”. It is not surprising at all. At the moment when domestic films are on the rise, the introduction of blockbusters is only a matter of time.

Introducing blockbusters is getting harder to “harvest” audiences

Judging from the overseas introduction of movies in the past five years, most of the movies currently active in the mainland movie market belong to the same category-heroic blockbusters.

From the “Avengers” series to the “Fast and Furious” series, however, this type of movie has become increasingly difficult to gain the audience’s love.

From the perspective of Douban scores, in 2016, these blockbusters generally scored above 7 points. However, since then, bad movies with 4.9 points, 5.6 points, and 5.7 points continue to emerge. You know, Douban netizens generally have a higher tolerance for European and American movies, and their ratings are falsely higher than those of domestic films. There are still such low-rated movies. This is already in line with some domestic bad movies.

Why is it more and more difficult to introduce blockbusters?

Looking back at the film market and public opinion field over the years, it is not difficult to find that

First, in the film market, the overall performance of domestic films has risen, making audiences more and more enjoyment and aesthetics for watching movies. Many blockbuster films are actually industrialized assembly-line products. They are tired and bored. After all, it is a matter of time.

Second, in the field of public opinion, the Western discourse system has long been punctured, and the pride and self-esteem of the Chinese people make us contemptuous of the Western individual heroic style movies. In the blockbuster movie, foreigners fight monsters, it is better to watch “Wolf Warriors 2”, our own heroes show their demeanor, come to heartily!

Looking at it now, if the imported blockbuster is still a variety of hero blockbusters, in the future fierce battle with domestic films, it is bound to be the side to be crushed. Blockbuster movies should also think about Xinzhe!

Of course, I hope that the domestically produced films will remain and continue to improve! “Detective Chinatown 3” should only be a milestone, not the pinnacle!


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