Tan Suu New Year gift basket 2021 'Entrepreneurship': Because delicious food cannot stay upstairs for 7 minutes

Tan Suu New Year gift basket 2021 ‘Entrepreneurship’: Because delicious food cannot stay upstairs for 7 minutes

New Year’s Gift Baskets Tan Suu 2021 “Entrepreneurship” is the first cooperative project between the three units, “A kind green fair”, Traqué art company and Food.asia e-commerce floor. A gift that brings together the quintessential and sweet local products from all over the country, containing interesting stories about craft villages and regional cultures, people and artisans.

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“The buffalo is the Entrepreneur” – Tet gift basket is meticulous in every detail

Not stereotyped as simple Tet gift boxes, Tan Suu’s New Year gift baskets Traqué shows thoughtfulness in each stage of implementation. Not only in the careful selection of delicious gifts from all over the country but also delicate and thoughtful in each playful design, the stories are elaborated to express the meaningful message of the traditional Tet season. 2021. Traqué desire New Year’s Day gift basket 2021 “Speculation” is a gift that fully conveyed the giver’s heart to the most loved ones.

The design of New Year’s Day gift basket 2021 “Speculation” covers of Tet gift boxes, brochures, red envelopes, Tet cards and jars made by two young designers are Huynh Minh Thong and Bui Ngan. All are developed from the familiar buffalo symbolizing strength and fortune, and also the mascot of 2021. Besides, there are also innovative images such as rice cotton, carp, bamboo, … both bold tradition and modern spirit and breath. Here is one way Traqué evokes an image of a very close but also new and breakthrough Vietnam.

Minh Thong share that I am fortunate to work with Traqué Show cover of Tet packaging box. And you are very impressed with the Tet Gift Baskets because of the food Traqué Using, those are products – specialties from regions of Vietnam with high quality and safe for health.

“This inspired me a lot, because in the context of Vietnamese preferring foreign products, Traqué succeeded in spreading the spirit and promoting development for domestic businesses.”

Minh Thong

With the cover – the most important part because it is the customer’s first visual attraction to the product, Minh Thong choose an illustration method to show, with the desire to bring a unique and eye-catching image, suitable for the market as well as tell more about the story behind the gift box.

“Vietnam is proud of its cultural diversity, but I still feel that with this Tet gift set honoring quality products from agriculture, familiar images such as buffalo, rice cotton, carp, tree Bamboo, … will be very suitable to inspire modernity but still retain close traditional features. For that reason, I stylized those images more streamlined to create a cheerful but still very close illustration.

Minh Thong

As for Bui Ngan In this project, the girl participates in illustrating the artwork and then uploading it to design for the New Year card, the lucky money and the New Year gift. The designs developed by Bui Ngan are the main idea of ​​a buffalo image and use the gift basket itself as a orientation. Thanks to that overall New Year’s Eve gift basket 2021 of the Traqué There is a very good connection even though it is made by two different designers.

“I think that will create a good overall link. The Vietnamese buffalo, cultural factors, the image of the boy riding buffalo in Dong Ho painting, characterize the origin of the products in the project that converge on land, water and gas. ”.

Bui Ngan

Traqué always know how to diversify forms but still set sustainable development goals first, materials are very environmentally friendly and minimize unnecessary printing. As using rattan, a very indigenous material reminds us of Tet Xua – the traditional New Year of Vietnam.

The story behind sustainable development and creation

Motto of Traqué always towards sustainable development and in New Year’s Day gift basket 2021 “Speculation” sister Yen Nguyen – The founder of Traqué chose Sustainable Goal No. 17 of the United Nations to implement the project. This goal is to focus on cooperation that promotes the way it is done and revitalizes a global partnership for sustainable development. Traqué find and exploit local products, the contest’s winning products “Agricultural Initiative” and do the work “New coat” with media stories, design models and especially e-commerce applications. This is the first collaboration between the three units “Nice green fair”, art company Traqué and Food.asia e-commerce platform.

Not only focusing on commercial cooperation, sister Yen Nguyen also focus on the development of the young design team. In the Tan Suu New Year gift basket project in 2021, she actively searched and collaborated with two young desingerers Huynh Minh Thong and Bui Ngan to do the designs for Traqué. Although “Design boss of Traque” But she still believes in giving young people creative opportunities.

“Ms. Yen – the founder of Traque let me take the initiative from going to idea to the following steps. Ms. Yen also helps me with the final stages to make the best way from an artwork to the product. It turns out I don’t do too much hihi ”

Bui Ngan

“I’m in charge of drawing the cover for the gift box, which is both fun and a bit of pressure. Ms. Yen – the founder of Traqué Studio trusted and contacted me to be responsible for this part and I appreciate that opportunity. I worked on the suggestions of Traqué Studio team on editing the design to fit the market. In the end, the finished products are proud of me and the teams. ”

Minh Thong

The implementation process to create the Tan Suu 2021 Tet Gift Baskets is a collaboration of three organizations with the common goal of developing sustainable, handmade agricultural products as well as with young and creative designers. Balancing the market and the ideas of those working in the arts always presents certain difficulties. But it is the common voice to want to send sweet gifts to consumers New Year’s Day gift basket 2021 “Speculation” has spread the story of good fortune, prosperity, preparing for a new year of peace and happiness to everyone.

Interviewer: Y.ink
Photo: Traqué Studio
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