Talking about the rules of hardcore shooting games from gun accessories


Just before 2018, “firearms transformation” was still an unpopular concept in the game scene. Nowadays, changing the gun has become the standard equipment of almost all shooting games. There are credits for games such as PUBG in the fire and escape from Takov. It also reflects the players’ pursuit of personalized gaming experience. However, it is not easy to make a game with a modified gun system. Although there is an escape from the Takov Pearl, but subject to the domestic environment, many domestic game companies still have a certain relationship with European and American manufacturers in the performance of gun accessories. gap. As a light weapons enthusiast, I also start with the dimensions of real weapons and game performance, try to combine my understanding of military and games, and think about how to better reflect the role of gun accessories in the game. , I hope to give readers some inspiration.

(The accessories are well installed, the recoil is a big deal, and the machine gun can also be used in African poses)

1. Why install accessories

1.1 Realistic demand for installation accessories

Starting from a realistic dimension, the installation of accessories is entirely for the purpose of the task. Task-based is the guiding principle for the development of today’s guns. Guns are no longer simply bullet-launching tools, but a weapon platform that integrates various accessories and tactical equipment with modularity and expansibility as the development direction. Take SIG MCX as an example. The gun defeated the HK416 and cut the order from the US Special Command. In addition to the modular design, it also realized the folding of the butt of the AR platform, which solved the pain point of the special forces that the gun length was too long after the muffler was installed. The gun itself is the case, and the choice of accessories naturally also serves the task. Different tasks determine the use scene of the gun, and the use scene determines the characteristics of the gun. Gun accessories are born to strengthen these characteristics.

(The expansion of the 95-style has lags behind the times since its birth)

1.2 Game requirements for installing accessories

From the perspective of the game, as a player, the purpose of installing accessories must be to strengthen your own game role and enjoy a personalized game experience. As a developer, a dazzling array of gun accessories is another payment point with great potential. In the impression of ordinary players, the more accessories are installed, the better, and the shooting effect should be closer and closer to the “laser gun” without backseat. This has to be said to be a misunderstanding, and it is of course the various “non-hardcore” shooting games before Takov that led to this misunderstanding. But “hardcore” is not a universal truth. Some games (such as PUBG) are not suitable for takov-like hardcore guns. If you don’t modify guns, how to modify guns depends on the gameplay.

Accessories can be roughly divided into numerical accessories that increase the value of game characters through the installation of accessories, and functional accessories that give characters special abilities (night vision, noise reduction, etc.). Numerical accessories are used to improve the basic abilities of the character, such as opening time, movement speed, recoil and so on. Functional types such as infrared thermal imaging sights, laser pointers, etc. The focus of our research this time is the numerical difference. Let us first disassemble the numerical items affected by the accessories in the two games:

Through comparison, we found several differences between the two:

  • First, almost all of Takov’s accessories involve the concept of “ergonomics”. I believe readers who have a little knowledge of Takov know that ergonomics in the game mainly affects the endurance of the gun and the speed of opening the lens (a very small amount), and there are no accessories in PUBG that can affect the time of the gun (or breath holding time).
  • Second, in PUBG, the quick sight has a speed bonus for opening the lens, but not only does Takov have no bonus, but it detracts from the ergonomics.
  • Third, PUBG’s accessories are far less diverse than Takov. For the same type of gun accessories, Takov also provides models with different values.
  • Fourth, although it is not shown in the table, from a numerical point of view, the impact of the parts in PUBG on guns is obviously much greater than that in Takov, and the values ​​of different types of parts on the same attribute (such as recoil) are close. .

The author believes that the fundamental reason for this difference lies in the different game modes of the two. Although both are search-battle-search game modes, the weapons in PUBG only grow in the field. In order to encourage players to collect accessories, PUBG sets a very high income from installing accessories, and the component values ​​are relatively convergent to avoid players. After picking up specific accessories, you get a huge advantage and ensure a certain degree of fairness in competition.

Takov, as a non-traditional shooting game that contains rpg elements such as character attribute growth and money-driven equipment upgrades, does not have it itself, or does not pay attention to fair competition. The guns in the game are brought in from the field. The difference between the money investment and the accessories will cause a huge gap between the upper and lower limits. It has also become the driving force for players to “make money”. This mode makes the production team not only have no pressure on balance, but can design accessories completely from the perspective of realism. For example, Tarkov will show the characteristics of fast aiming completely through the game engine, without any numerical bonus. This design is more common in simulation games, and it is a big frustration in any FPS game in the past, but this kind of “full-real simulation” happens to cater to the hard-core players’ pursuit of authenticity.

Of course, Tarkov cannot be said to be perfect. I personally think that the addition of ergonomics is a very good idea, but the ergonomics almost only affects one value or the performance dimension is not enough, which leads to the replacement of the handle and the scope. The blindfold can increase the duration of the gun, but it is not so hardcore.

2. Accessories and rails

Guide rails are the foundation of accessories. Nowadays, light weapons without guide rails and accessories will not even be used by police, let alone special forces with higher combat intensity.Before talking about the accessories, take out the guide rail separately.

2.1 Starting from the real dimension

There are currently three main types of rails, the famous Picatinny rails (hereinafter referred to as leather rails), the rising star M-LOK and KeyMod. Among them, M-LOK has the fastest development. The leather rails are expensive, heavy, and inconvenient to hold. It will gradually be replaced by the latter two, but because there are still many tactical accessories for leather rails, it is expected that it will take time to completely withdraw from the market. The above-mentioned three kinds of guide rails cannot be used in common, but the latter two hollow guide rails can be installed with a leather rail through an adapter piece.

It is said to be a new domestic rifle, which also uses M-LOK rail handguards

2.2 From the perspective of the game dimension

The realistic shooting game headed by Takov does show its extensibility to the fullest. As long as there is silicon skin, the installation of accessories is basically unlimited. Players can install four vertical grips on the handguard, or install four tactical flashlights. The blind tactics have a high degree of freedom, which greatly increases the playability of the game. In reality, this kind of magical modification is indeed feasible, but when designing the value, pay attention to the actual use. For example, the modification of installing four grips is useless in reality except for increasing weight and interfering with tactical actions. If the game is not restricted, Simply and roughly multiply the gain of the grip by four, it is easy to produce the optimal solution for the fit.

(As soon as the light was turned on, the other side was blind)

In addition, the length of the leather rails on different weapons is inconsistent, and it is also necessary to adjust the adaptation of the short leather rails and accessories.

(For such a short guide rail, the parts that can be installed need to be limited)

3. Gun accessories in reality

Solve the major premise of the track, let’s talk about the gun accessories in reality. Due to space limitations, here the author will list the basic functions and some interesting points of some accessories, without too much explanation of the principle.

3.1 Muzzle device

The muzzle device, referred to as the muzzle for short, is the accessory that has the greatest impact on the performance of the gun in reality. The main function of the muzzle is to balance recoil, eliminate muzzle flames, and reduce emission noise. The common ones are flame arresters, brakes, mufflers, etc., each with its own characteristics:

3.1.1 Flame arrester

The effects of different types of flame arresters vary greatly. Some flame arresters also have muzzle jump compensation, such as akm’s beveled muzzle.

Regarding the difference in the effects of different flame arresters, it is recommended to watch this video to understand:

3.1.2 Muzzle brake

Used to balance recoil and muzzle jump. It is said that due to the high efficiency of the brake, the sensible rear seat of the Barrett M82 is not much larger than the M14 automatic rifle. But the shortcomings of the brake are also obvious. A large amount of gunpowder gas is discharged to the side and rear to form a dangerous area, and the dust blown by the gas can easily expose the position of the gunner.

3.1.3 Muffler

The standard configuration of contemporary rifles, especially today when special warfare and public security warfare have become the mainstream, the role of the muffler is particularly prominent. The noise during firing of a gun mainly includes the explosion sound produced by the gunpowder gas burning at the muzzle, the explosion sound produced by the bullet exceeding the speed of sound, and the collision sound of mechanical parts. The muffler can only eliminate the explosion sound of the gunpowder gas as much as possible, so it can eliminate the ordinary supersonic rifle shells. The sound effect is relatively limited, and subsonic bombs are needed in conjunction with volume-sensitive scenes. The shortcomings of the muffler are also obvious. Although there are several different types of mufflers, they essentially let the gunpowder gas burn in the muffler. Therefore, the muffler must have a certain length. The length of the gun is very large in car shooting and CQB combat. influences. The case of sig mcx over hk416 can be said to be a typical case of buttstock giving way to muffler. The trade-off between the two can be seen. Of course, special operations have their particularities and cannot be generalized.

3.2 Sight

Sights are mainly extension sights, quick sights and optical sights, night vision sights, etc.

3.2.1 Sight

Simply put, machine sighting is based on the sight, front sight, and target at three points and one line, but there are also points worth noting.

First of all, the rear sight is basically adjustable, including the pistol rear sight. Some of the cameras are very distinctive, such as the M16 target-hole type camera, Mosinagan’s horizontal type camera, etc. Correspondingly, the adjustment of the camera’s actions in the game also needs to be designed one by one.

Secondly, the same gun sometimes needs to use different types of rear sights. When using some special ammunition, adjusting the sight is a normal operation. For example, the Russian military developed a 7.62mm*39mm subsonic bomb PBS-1 in order to ensure the needs of special operations. In order to ensure sufficient kinetic energy at subsonic speeds, the warhead was designed to be much heavier than ordinary bombs. The ballistic arc of the projectile is also much more curved than that of the ordinary m43 projectile, so the rear sight must be replaced when using this ammunition.

(The sp-5 subsonic bullet used for the vss sniper rifle, the bullet is as long as the shell, and the trajectory and bending)

3.2.2 Quick sight

Reflective sights and holographic sights are collectively referred to. The principles of the two sights are different, but the purpose is to keep the indicator always in a straight line with the muzzle, so that even if the shooter does not aim precisely, as long as the indicator coincides with the target, it can be guaranteed. Hit. Fast sights are widely used in cqb scenes, and even at long distances, shooters often use optical magnifiers and holographic mirrors in series to use the characteristics of fast aiming.

(The schematic diagram of EOTECH brand sights, the brand is almost synonymous with holographic sights)

3.3 Grip

PUBG makes the vertical grip and the triangle grip deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, but in reality, the grip has a far less direct impact on maneuverability than the muzzle. The reason is that different shooters have different gun-holding postures. Some hold the gun, some hold the magazine, have the C-style grip, and the anti-C-style grip. Each shooter can control the gun with his best. The method of controlling the gun, and then choosing the grip according to the method, there are many people who don’t use the grip at all. In short, the choice of grips has a strong personal touch, and the impact on guns is actually not great.

(The Grip Clamp C-style grip that maximizes the control of the gun, the grip can only become a cumbersome at this time)

3.4 Buttstock

As one of the biggest parts of a rifle, the buttstock is also the one that has the greatest impact on the appearance of the modification. I used to think that the butt stock modification can improve the perceived recoil at most, until I saw the SKS semi-automatic rifle without the backrest modification:

The author’s expression at the time was like this

(This little bourgeois style, I love it)

In addition to the kits that change from support to no support, of course, there are also packages that change from support to support:

(Trust me, this Glock pistol modification is already very “simple”)

Modification kits are a very interesting field. As a gun-modification product launched by a professional company, modification kits can be said to be a perfect combination of brain and practicality (also a perfect source of inspiration for skin).

3.5 Tactical accessories

Mainly refers to tactical flashlights, visible laser pointers, infrared light indicators, infrared flashlights, etc. The latter two are used with infrared night vision devices. The trend of these tactical accessories is integration, and multiple functions can be switched freely, but these tactical accessories consume a lot of power and must carry batteries for long-term combat.

From the performance of these accessories in reality, the author summarizes a few suggestions for “hardcore” shooting games:

  • (1) There are three types of guide rails, which are not universal. If leather rails are used, the weight can be slightly increased and the related indicators of comfort can be reduced. If the handguard patch is installed, the weight is further increased and the comfort deduction is cancelled.
  • (2) Regarding the impact on recoil, I personally think that the order should be brake> butt stock> silencer. Flame arrester>>>grip.
  • (3) There is a big gap between the upper and lower limits of the flame arrester, so you might as well make a difference in the game.
  • (4) The gunpowder gas of the guns equipped with the brakes will be sprayed to the surroundings, which can be designed to interact with the surrounding environment.
  • (5) The effect of the muffler is closely related to whether the bullet’s muzzle velocity is subsonic, and the muzzle velocity is related to the time to hit the target. The relationship between the three must be consistent.
  • (6) Some guns that use special seed ammunition, such as vss, have a large ballistic curve, and their sights need to be adjusted accordingly.
  • (7) Sight series is a common gameplay in the real army, such as optical sights and fast sights in series, infrared sights and optical sights in series, etc., which can be considered in the design.
  • (8) The front sight of the quick sight must be flush with the muzzle, not a point drawn on the glass.
  • (9) The role of the grip is actually not high, even if you consider balance, it is not recommended to enlarge the role of the grip too much. Instead, it is recommended that you can customize the gun posture in the game to increase the player’s sense of involvement.
  • (10) The infrared sight is too supermodel in the open map. If the infrared sight needs to be introduced in the game, it is recommended to add a power mechanism to avoid abuse.

Four, thinking

Back to our original question: how to better reflect the role of gun accessories in the game?

The author believes that if we want to answer this question, we must first clarify the definition of “better”. Although the value of PUBG is full of slots in the eyes of light weapons enthusiasts, and a group of novices who see the bolt-action rifle as kar 98k have been cultivated, this does not affect the success of this game. The above analysis also analyzes the difference in the game types of the two leading to different core requirements of the game. PUBG’s strong competitive nature and subsequent development of e-sports roads have led to PUBG games such as the upper and lower limits of the player’s equipment in the same game. Strictly control and make compromises in numerical values ​​to ensure balance. Relatively speaking, Takov not only does not pursue the fairness of players in the same game, but instead uses the same types of accessories with different prices and different performances to create differentiation based on the investment of money, and guide players to form better “wives.” Gun” makes unremitting efforts.

Having said so much, there is only one sentence: Everything is for gameplay. The answer to the above question is also ready to come out:

When picking up in the gun yard or when there is little difference between inside and outside the yard: increase the basic value of the accessories and reduce the value difference between the accessories, but the difference of different accessories is reflected in the screen. (Masterpiece: Call of Duty Theater, PUBG)

When the firearms are brought in completely from the field: as much as possible to fit the real performance of the accessories, create different value accessory sub-categories under the same type of accessories, and increase the player’s space for changing guns. (Masterpiece: Escape from Tarkov)

This answer can only be regarded as a summary of the works of the predecessors, but from it, the author further thought and tried to derive the following conclusions:

  • (1) Not all games are suitable for escaping the performance of Takov-like hardcore gun accessories, because in reality there is a gap in the performance of the accessories itself, and if there is a gap, there will be unfairness.
  • (2) The essence of escaping from Takov is a farm game with a gun as a plough, so Takov later added the refuge module to complete the last core component of the farm game: construction, and it immediately succeeded.
  • (3) At present, similar farm games are the most suitable game categories for “true hard core” performance, but the rest of the categories can still enhance the screen performance, disperse the attribute dimensions affected by different types of accessories, and increase the proportion of functional accessories. Ways to create a “hard core feeling.”

Concluding remarks

The above is the author’s understanding of gun accessories and some thoughts on how to reflect the characteristics of the accessories in the game. In fact, no matter how proficient in firearms, the performance in the game needs to be in line with the nature of the game and the core demands of the players. The genius of the main Zenikita who escaped from Tarkov is not because he has a good knowledge of guns. It is he who created the most suitable game type in the world to show the authenticity of guns.

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