Taking advantage of the Sea Breeze exercise, NATO sent troops to Ukraine?

Taking advantage of the Sea Breeze exercise, NATO sent troops to Ukraine?

Exercise Sea Breeze-2021 has begun in Ukraine, lasting from June 28 to July 10 in the city of Odessa, Ochakov, the Dnestrovsky river, Kinburnskaya, the islands of Zmeiny, Pervomaisky and other areas of the region. Black Sea. This is a multinational naval exercise involving many NATO countries, especially since this exercise began shortly after a British warship violated Russia’s territorial waters.

Using Sea Breeze, NATO over Ukraine?
The US and NATO countries will stay in Ukraine after the end of the Sea Breeze – 2021 exercise.

About 5,000 troops from 32 other countries along with 32 warships and 18 planes and helicopters will take part in the exercise.

It is worth noting that after the end of this exercise, the aircraft and navies of the countries did not plan to return, but continued their presence on the territory of Ukraine. This information was informed by a representative of the NATO Command and announced that warships and aircraft will stay to defend Ukrainian lands against the threat from Russia.

Therefore, Russian experts believe that the essence of this exercise is a new provocation in the Black Sea, warships and equipment are transferred to Ukraine through this exercise. And indeed NATO, led by the United States, is “roaring” to Kiev.

Earlier, the Western leadership decided to soon deploy forces and vehicles at their military bases in Kiev in order to contain the Russian aggression. But they do not know how to bring troops and weapons to Ukraine without facing a response from Russia. However, this exercise is an opportunity for them to do this.

Faced with this situation, the Russian Ambassador to Washington has called on the United States and its allies not to conduct or participate in any exercises in the Black Sea, especially joint exercises with Ukraine. He stated that the exercises only increase tensions and increase the risk of conflict.

The Ukrainian leadership has long chosen the path of European integration and implemented specific policies to do so. Kiev has been building its army to NATO standards. They also called for NATO troops to be deployed on their territory.

Now, the US does not need to accept Ukraine as an official ally, the Ukrainian side will almost follow the US. They continue to move their military forces close to the Russian border and support NATO troops to deploy forces along the border with Russia.

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