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Take you to the biggest auto show in Asia! China Chongqing Motorcycle Show

The 18th China International Motorcycle Expo 2020 will be held in Chongqing International Expo Center from September 19 to 22, 2020. This annual motorcycle industry event is not only a vane of industry trends, but also motorcycles Friends exclusive carnival. It will bring together motorcycle manufacturers, brand owners, motorcycle enthusiasts and motorcycle clubs from all over the country in this magical city.

Information on the 18th China International Motorcycle Expo in 2020

▲Planning of the exhibition area of ​​the 18th China Motor Expo

▲The floor plan of the booth in Hall N8

▲The floor plan of the booth in Hall N7

▲The floor plan of the booth in Hall N5

▲The floor plan of the booth in Hall N3

▲The floor plan of the No. 4 unloading area booth

▲The floor plan of the North Outdoor Plaza booth

Introduction to China International Motorcycle Expo

The exhibition was founded in 2002. It is a national motorcycle exhibition led by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products, China Automobile Manufacturers Association, and Chongqing Municipal People’s Government. The venue is located in Chongqing, the largest motorcycle industry city in China (Chongqing International Expo Center). The holding time is once a year.

The scope of exhibits includes domestic and foreign motorcycles, parts and components, motorcycle cultural products, general fuel engines, motorcycle maintenance supplies, the latest industry technologies and service products, etc. The exhibition aims to enhance the value of Chinese motorcycle brands and build the image of the Chinese motorcycle industry.

China International Motorcycle Expo (referred to as “Motor Expo”-CIMA Motor), the exhibition was founded in 2002, the host city: Chongqing, the holding time: once a year.

The exhibition area is about 40,000 square meters. The exhibition hall is mainly divided into two forms: indoor exhibition hall and outdoor square exhibition area. Among them, the indoor pavilion is mainly for vehicles, product display and business negotiation, etc., and the outdoor pavilion is more for motorcycle sports activities and media display areas. According to official statistics of the Jumo Expo, the number of visitors to the 17th China Motor Expo last year (2019) was as high as 100,000.

Exhibition theme activity description

1. Large-scale outdoor skills, test drive experience activities and stunts

Organizer: Exhibitor

Activity description: The test vehicle is organized and provided by the exhibitors of the car manufacturer, so that car friends can more intuitively experience the characteristics of the manufacturer’s latest models. At the same time, manufacturers should invite well-known stunts at home and abroad to perform various thrilling motorcycle riding stunts for riders.

2. CIMA Motor’s self-sale activity

Organizer: China Motor Expo Organizing Committee

Activity description: The Organizing Committee of the China Motor Expo will provide booths for the riders participating in the Motor Expo. The riders can use second-hand motorcycles, personal belongings (cycling clothing, helmets, various equipment, etc.), homemade handmade products, Local specialty products are exchanged and sold.

3. CIMAMotor C debut

Organizer: China Motor Expo Organizing Committee

Description: The riders wear personalized decorations or cool equipment to ride through the C-shaped corners in the venue, showing their own personality in front of many audiences and beauties. The C-turn debut is not about riding speed, more The point is to fight cornering skills and show the knight personality. The organizer will talk about each cool cornering knight photographed as a souvenir.

5. “Civilized Driving · Riders Have Love” 2020 National Motorcycling Meeting

Organizer: China Motor Expo Organizing Committee

Activity description: A long steel line of 500 motorcycles of all sizes and large displacements formed by car owners voluntarily registered. From the Chongqing National Expo Center to the designated riding destination, the rider will become the king of the road and dominate the journey Direction. Hundreds of brothers, together, rang the engine, held their heads up and held their chests up, rain or shine, this scene will last forever. Such a scene is unimaginable in cities where motorcycles are banned everywhere in the country.

6.2020 CIMAMotor Mo Friends Night

Organizer: China Motor Expo Organizing Committee

Activity description: The Moyou Night held by the organizer is a carnival night that thousands of people look forward to at the Motor Expo every year, and riders from all over the country can enjoy the joy of electronic music here.

7. 2020 China Motorcycle Annual Model Selection

Organizer: China Inspection Western Inspection Co., Ltd.

Activity description: The annual model selection activity held every year is the motorcycle industry’s comprehensive inspection and display of newly launched motorcycle products this year. The ten best models were announced on the night of Moyou. It is a supreme honor to witness the sacred car in our hearts reach the top.

8.920 Labor Knights Day

Organizer: China Motor Expo Organizing Committee

Activity description: It was built by the China Motor Expo, intended to provide a stage for those unknown express, takeaway, transportation and other riders who are fighting on the front line. In daily life, the riders may be misunderstood and abused, and they are not afraid of the scorching sun and rain to deliver food on time. They are civilian heroes in the bustling urban life. Therefore, China Motor Expo will pay tribute to the labor knights in the form of a grand gala on September 20.

The colleagues of Webike China participating in the Motor Expo this time will continue to bring you more and more exciting Motor Expo information and moving showgirls, so please don’t miss and continue to pay attention to the live report of the auto show we bring!

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