Take “The Scavenger” as an example to share how a small team developed a 3A masterpiece

As a grand event in the game industry, WN2021 Shanghai offline exhibition ended successfully last Friday! At the conference, participants from overseas game companies and the Chinese market deeply discussed game development, distribution on different platforms and markets, and game operations, and shared successful cases of cooperation between the East and the West, as well as global game industry trends.

At the same time, at the conference site, Alex Goh, General Manager of Commerce in China, gave a wonderful sharing on the theme of “How a small team develops a 3A masterpiece”. With regard to the current monopoly of the leading manufacturers in the game industry, how small and medium teams can balance game development Risks and revenue were wonderfully shared, and the best practice of innovative development of small studio games was demonstrated by taking “The Scavengers” as an example.

In the game industry, level 3A is the goal pursued by all developers, but for the vast majority of small and medium-sized teams, high R&D costs and difficulty in gameplay innovation have become an “insurmountable threshold” that restricts most developers from entering the market. “How to build a 3A game? Unlimited money, unlimited resources, unlimited people, plus a good theme, anyone can do 3A.” Alex Goh started jokingly, “So, our topic today is how small and medium teams are Create a high-quality 3A game with limited resources!”

We must know that with the improvement of game technology and research and development tools, even independent developers can create high-quality games with stunning graphics. However, if you want to enter the field of multiplayer games controlled by giants, multiplayer online technology and cost are still Insurmountable obstacles. In this regard, Alex Goh listed a few tips on the development of multiplayer online 3A games.

Do not forget the original intention. When preparing for the next game, really think about what game is going to be done? Alex Goh exemplifies Josh Holmes of Midwinter Entertainment, the former developer of Halo 4 and Halo 5. From the beginning of the game “The Scavengers”, Josh Holmes determined the type of game-shooting! Then, the environment is an alien snowfield, and then there must be PVPVE, and there must be vehicles… and then there will be a preliminary model of Scavengers.

The earlier you play, the more you play, the better you are for the game. Starting from the prototype of the game, players will be added for testing, and the core elements of the design of the game will be updated continuously from the feedback of the players. You should know that the core gameplay of Scavengers was not determined from the start of the project to the player community test in July 2019. It took 18 months to join and determine some of the innovative elements that you and the players are looking forward to! You should know that in large manufacturers, there is no game project with a good core gameplay, and even the establishment of a project cannot be done. And this is the advantage of a small team.

This happens to be the third point emphasized by Alex Goh: your development team is the first batch of players. Through their constant feedback on the game in the early stage, they built the framework of the entire game, so they are the cornerstone of this game.

In just two years of development, Scavengers had a total of 7 closed betas, 300,000 player hours, 500,000 game rounds, and 60,000 game feedback. And how does a small team of 30 people do it? How much resources and cost must be invested to get such an effect? Alex Goh shared a comparison chart between the traditional development model and the Yingying development model, and explained: “There is only one answer, because it uses our own game development process and our own core technology. End support.”

It is precisely because of this feedback system that the game “Scender” has become what players want, whether it is mechanical feel, accuracy, PVP experience, in-game growth, and equipment. It’s all feedback from the players themselves. At the same time, Alex Goh also pointed out that while meeting the design requirements, even if there is more perseverance, giving up unnecessary features will bring greater success.

Game element iteration graph

Finally, in addition to development, another important problem is operations. Alex Goh mentioned that survival is only the first step. How to get insights from game data and be able to quickly modify strategies is the key, and shared a set of the latest operational data of Scavengers.

Alex Goh pointed out that under the traditional game operation model, a new area needs to be deployed, which is to calculate the time in months. After the launch of Scavengers, the number of gamers far exceeded our expectations. Therefore, within 4 hours, through the flexible deployment of Yingying’s solutions, two new zones were opened globally, one in Asia and one in South America. At present, more than 16% of the data issued through the Asian region is equivalent to the accumulation of fan users in the previous user feedback process. This also shows that the developers are already very confident when they launch the game, because I have a base of users.

Secondly, cross-platform is also a hindrance to game operations. After a game’s operation reaches a certain life cycle, its user base will stabilize. However, new platforms can be expanded, such as Epic, GOG, and other new platforms to increase user coverage, and such operations require more flexible game access mechanisms. Alex Goh cited the game “Heroes and Generals”, which was quickly deployed on a new platform with the help of Yingying and updated the operation and maintenance support. Without any new operation and maintenance pressure, the monthly life of the game Increased by 200%, and reduced operating and hosting costs by 50%.

In the end, Alex Goh said: “Intimate does not want to be just a technology provider, because Yingti has its own game production and game operation capabilities. We hope to be the most reliable partner, and we also hope that these experiences can be exported. !”

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