Take “Sword and Expedition” as an example, analyze the game characteristics of the new hanging game

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Foreword: A recent advertisement for placing leisure-style mobile games is overwhelming, and uses the slogan “protect liver” to attract players.

“AFK Arena” (Swords and Expeditions) is a mobile game with Western culture and placed by Lilith Technology, developed by Orek Co., Ltd. The author will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of this game system design through this article.

A list of game system diagrams

Second, the “protecting” method of “protecting” the liver

a. Why do we have a “liver” situation when playing games?

A problem will inevitably arise in conventional RPG games: as the main line slowly advances and the system is unlocked, the main line content gameplay set by the planners (such as copywriting, new systems, new monsters, new gameplay, new copies ) For users, if they can all experience it, then the content of the game is relatively limited.

Therefore, these games will extend the life of the game through card levels and card combat power, so that players cannot quickly experience the main content.

It is inevitable that we will have insufficient capacity or insufficient resources to support the subsequent mainline, so at this time, it will take a long time to go online for daily tasks.

b. How games make us non-livery

Closed loop of regular RPG games

“Sword and Expedition” mobile game closed loop

By adjusting the output method, the game enhances the materials obtained from the on-hook so that players do not use daily and activity tasks as the main way to obtain materials, which means that time can also bring output.

c. Design evaluation

Segment the market for games based on the category of the game

Therefore, the audience of the game should belong to gamers who are not adequate enough most of the time, or relatively less experienced gamers.

Positioning as a hanging machine can greatly meet the game needs of this type of players, and the game system is not designed to be cumbersome. In the market segmentation, this piece can fit into this type of player market.

1. Advantages and disadvantages of using on-hook as the main output

Advantages: It can meet the game needs of players with insufficient time. The on-hook output can allow players to return to the game after a period of time. Relatively speaking, it will not be so “livery”, which greatly meets the market segmentation needs of the game.

Disadvantages: Hanging the hook as one of the main output methods may reduce the user’s online rate. Users need to improve the game by returning to the game after a period of time.

Taking time as an output method will also create a huge gap between new and old users, and it will be more difficult for new users to catch up with old users.

Three analysis of the game “characteristic” system

Combat system

The game is through a fully automatic battle mode similar to self-playing chess, which affects the outcome of the game through three points

A simple way to influence the outcome of a game

Advantages: make it easier for players to get started, because the battle has a certain spectacle, and it can promote the development of characters and the collection of characters.

Disadvantages: Reduce the player’s sense of substitution for battle strategy. Most battles use numerical values ​​to achieve strength and weakness changes, and less strategic.

Economic system

A. Monetary system of the game

B. Recharge system for games

Recharge type

Advantages: The interface of the recharge system is in line with the world view of the game, and it is also in line with the art style and copywriting style.

Disadvantages: The game will pop up a limited time package to a certain extent, which will disturb the normal rhythm of the player.

3. Other characteristics system

to sum up

In terms of style: the uniformity of the style of the game is well done, which meets the Diderot supporting effect (that is, the unity of the background content of the story, there cannot be something to make the story play)

  • The overall style of the game should be unified: Especially the compulsive players who pursue perfection, prefer a unified game style
  • Matching in the game does not destroy the immersion: Picture style: scene, character, interface style. Story, worldview, career
  • Collecting “sets” of goals: Used in various collection games such as cards, characters, and equipment
  • Bonus effect: When playing “routine” tactics and supporting effects, also find ways to get

For example, the introduction of game heroes, the game is based on Western mythological races, game animations, battles, and even the recharge interface are also packaged as trading ports. (But Sun Wukong in the game has greatly destroyed the game’s supporting equipment! It is a drama!)

In terms of gameplay: Because the game is a casual mobile game, the gameplay of the combat system will not be highly interactive. It can only affect the game situation through simple arrangement and selection in the future. The strategy is very poor and the gameplay is very weak.

In terms of development:

The formation of the game constitutes supporting, lineup, etc. The story is good, the corresponding race has a corresponding skill style, and there is a certain system to build its own formation and interaction with the union and the formation of friends.

The disadvantage is that the lineup is too uniform and monotonous. No matter what kind of race is combined, the effect is always to increase the attack power and life, not to play the skills and professional characteristics of the race.

Finally, I hope that game companies can summarize their experiences, launch more interesting systems, reduce frequent recharges, and design a number of interesting interactive systems that match the background style.

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