Take attendance at 10 cities that can be dangerous to tourists
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Take attendance at 10 cities that can be dangerous to tourists

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The wallet was lost there are Food poisoning Although rare, it can happen in any city, so tourists need to be especially careful.

In the article Top 20 most dangerous countries in the world not for tourists, we have mentioned the dangerous places that tourists should stay away from. Today, we will keep listing for everyone 10 famous cities can endanger tourists. Invite you to consult!

1. Barcelona, ​​Spain

Barcelona, ​​spain

Barcelona known as the capital of professional pickpockets. Here, there are thousands of pickpocketing with skilled skills. Behind Barcelona is Rome, Prague and Paris.

Most pickpocket thieves usually operate on the main street of the city: La Rambla. In particular, they can steal your money or belongings anywhere, on the beach, in public transport, even in the hotel room. Be careful!

2. Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, Egypt

Cairo is a legendary city but has a huge contrast compared to the Egyptian resorts:

Firstly, it is one of the most dangerous cities in the world for women.

Second, the complex political situation here is very dangerous and often exists armed conflict happening.

Finally, hundreds of people here are ready trick the wallet clean your. For example, a common scam is that camel lodgers will charge you $ 5 when you ride on the camel’s back, but then, when you want to leave the camel’s back, you will have to pay $ 50 .

3. Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya, Thailand

Eating in Pattaya could turn into a game “Russian roulette“, because you cannot know exactly when and how you will be poisoned by food.

This is a common occurrence in Pattaya, a city not very clean but still very popular by the majority of visitors. Seafood is often the main cause food poisoning but sometimes there are cases of botulism and meat poisoning.

Locals often eat foods with lots of salt, which kill most of the harmful bacteria. However, visitors often do not eat like that, which is probably the reason why they are prone to food poisoning. To stay safe, eat and drink like the locals do.

4. Johannesburg, Nam Phi

Johannesburg, Nam Phi

South Africa is a country with wonderful natural scenery, this place is located close to the intersection of two oceans. However, there is a problem here Racial discrimination only ended 30 years ago, the period when white people ruled and discriminated against black people.

Currently, times have changed: whites here are harassed, especially in Johannesburg. If you are white, you should travel by car or taxi (Remember you need a white taxi). The best case maybe people will stare at you on the street. Because here, very few people walk.

5. Naples, Italy

Naples, Italy

Italians often say that Naples is a city with an Italian identity and even many people think that pizza was invented in Naples.

However, this city is quite dangerous with a lot more cheeky pickpockets than snatching bags. A lot of people on scooters suddenly appear and snatch your bag or camera. Even, “businessman“The local people here are quite crafty, they do the job of volunteering to wash your car and then ask for wages. Moreover, the streets of Naples are also very much garbage.

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6. Tijuana, Mexico

Tijuana, Mexico

The city of Tijuana is located on the rim of the US and Mexico borders. It is the perfect place for Americans who want to experience weekends like Mexicans.

With such a special location, not only tourists come to Tijuana. Countless illegal people cross the border (with mostly criminals fleeing from the United States) with a lot of banned vendors Tijuana as the ideal place to conduct transactions.

7. Mumbai, India

Mumbai, India

Any visitor to Mumbai is easily surrounded by beggars who regard them as “mobile wallets“Even many of them pretend to be Yogi or other.”enlightened“for fraud and theft.

If you follow the news, you are no stranger to the number of attacks on women in India, so visitors are no exception. In addition, the weather here is often quite hot with polluted air – perfect condition for some epidemic diseases or food poisoning.

8. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Santa Teresa, one of the central districts of the city, which is quite dangerous even though it doesn’t look like it. Here, you should not reveal your phone or camera if you do not want to be attacked suddenly. Besides, many locals on the street often hide knives or other weapons on them.

In particular, you should not go out at night in Rio and do not come shanty towns (Famous slum of Brazil) without a reliable guide.

9. Paris, France

Paris, france

Surely you will be surprised to see that Paris is also on this list, right? In fact, Paris also has a lot of pickpockets, beggars, and street vendors who always try to follow along to offer items you don’t really need at an exorbitant price. The sincere advice is to not show interest and ignore them.

10. Dubai, UAE

Dubai, UAE

Although Dubai is considered a richer city with a Western lifestyle than other Muslim cities, you should still pay attention to the rules of the outfit if you are a woman.

To avoid stares or even sexual attacks (Having sex outside of marriage is taboo with Islam, so Muslim men will target foreign women as a “circumvention”.), wear clothes that cover your legs and shoulders. Do not wear costumes or engage in any erotic acts. Fortunately, you can relax in your hotel – where you can be absolutely safe.

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