Photo sample taken with Samsung

Take a look at this camera sample taken with Samsung’s 64MP GW1 sensor

This morning, a tweet from tipster Ice Universe (@Universeice) included an image that also was snapped using Sammy’s GW1 sensor. The photo was apparently taken with the 64MP sensor on an unannounced Redmi handset. Last year, Xiaomi separated the company’s phones into distinct lines; the Mi brand includes its higher-end models while the Redmi brand focuses on the company’s value for money models. The company also has its Black Shark gaming phones and Pocophone flagship killers.

In low-light settings, the 64MP sensor uses pixel-binning (combining the data found in four pixels into one) to produce bright 16MP images. In a bright environment, “highly-detailed” 64MP images can be snapped.

Ice Universe previously tweeted “the international premiere of Samsung’s 64MP sensor is in a mysterious model of the A-series, while the domestic first is a mysterious model of Redmi.” Considering that Samsung has yet to unveil the Galaxy A90, there was a chance that this phone was the “mysterious” Galaxy A model with the 64MP sensor on board. However, the latest rumored specs for this device show a 48MP primary camera on the back. With that in mind, perhaps the unknown Redmi handset will be the first handset anywhere to sport the GW1 sensor inside.

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