[Taiwan Yamaha]YMS Heavy Machinery Flagship Store “TRICITY 300” Touring Car Test Drive

In order to allow riders who love Yamaha to experience the exclusive patented technology, “TRICITY 300” will be used for exclusive test rides at YMS flagship stores throughout Taiwan from May 3, 2021.

In order to realize the vision of future mobility, Yamaha launched the first global strategic model with the patented technology of “Leaning Multi Wheel, LMW * (Note 1)”-“TRICITY”. It gives the driver an excellent driving stability and provides a relaxed and comfortable moving process.

“TRICITY 300” also combines the “LMW” inverted three-wheel technology with the “Standing Assist System” body upright assist system, through the electronic locking device, assists the vehicle to keep the body upright when waiting for traffic signals* (Note 2) Invites those who love new technology The riders went to YMS all over Taiwan to experience “Smarter Metropolis Mobile”.

During the show North Peach and bamboo seedlings Central South east
5/03-5/08 Yuchang Zhengquanhong
5/10-5/15 Big Yuteng
5/17-5/22 Sanyuan line Qunda
5/24-5/29 Matsuhiro New rising wheel
5/31-6/05 Wisdom Blade of grass
6/07-6/12 Hao Yuan Xinyi
6/14-6/19 Heshan peace
6/21-6/26 Hongbao
6/28-7/03 Yongxin Advance
7/05-7/10 Qingcheng Dongdaewoo
7/12-7/17 Wei Li Yongxin
7/19-7/24 thriving Letter emperor
7/26-7/31 Victory Star Fuding
8/02-8/07 Songtai Yongqi
8/09-8/14 Mingxiang Hirohara
8/23-8/28 New round

※ National YMS flagship store

*Note 1: “Leaning Multi Wheel, LMW” inverted three-wheel mechanism is Yamaha’s patented design.
*Note 2: The “Standing Assist System” uses an electronic controller to lock the parallel four-side linkage mechanism of the front suspension to assist in the uprighting of the vehicle body.
Special attention: The system cannot allow the vehicle to stand completely independently, and if excessive force is applied to the vehicle body in a stopped state, it may cause the system to be disengaged. The running status of “Standing Assist System” will be displayed on the integrated instrument, and the following conditions must be met before it can run:
① The vehicle speed cannot exceed 10 km/h
② The throttle opening must be completely closed
③ The engine speed is lower than 2,000 rpm
④ Turn on the body upright assist switch

Activity notes

  • During this event: 2021/5/03~2021/8/28
  • Participants in the test ride should bring their ID card or other valid documents and the “Large Heavy Locomotive Driver’s License”. The former is used as a mortgage certificate for the test ride of the vehicle, and the latter is used as a map to confirm the qualification of the test ride. The mortgaged certificate will be moved after the vehicle is returned and returned to the borrower.
  • During the trial ride experience, participants should still abide by the traffic rules, and should wear and wear standard personal safety parts and protective gear.
  • During the trial ride, if the participant fails to comply with the instructions or all regulations of the organizer personnel, resulting in any accident, causing physical or property damage to the participant or others, the participant agrees to bear all relevant civil and criminal liabilities. If this causes loss or damage to the organizer (including traffic violations), compensation should also be made.
  • After the trial ride, participants should return the vehicle immediately without delay.
  • If there are any unsatisfactory matters in the above items, the closing letter signed before the trial ride shall prevail.

Declaration of the use of portrait rights

  • Sign up to participate in public events organized by our company, the company will make the event into a film or photo, for future publicity or marketing and other related purposes; if you do not agree that your portrait is for the aforementioned related purposes, please do not sign up for participation activity.

Matters to be notified of the Personal Data Protection Law: Taiwan Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., in accordance with Article 8 of the Personal Data Protection Law (hereinafter referred to as the Personal Information Law), informs Taiwan of the following matters, please read them carefully:

    In accordance with Article 8 of the Personal Data Protection Law (hereinafter referred to as the “Individual Information Law”), all YMS flagship stores in the province (hereinafter referred to as “YMS”) will inform the Taiwan terminal of the following matters, please read them carefully:

  • The name of the collecting agency: YMS.
  • Purpose of collection: Participate in trial ride activities
  • Personal data categories: C001, C002, C003.
  • The period, region, object and method of using personal data:
    Period: the duration of the specific purpose of personal data collection, the retention period necessary for YMS to perform business, and the period of data retention set by relevant laws and regulations. Region: Within the Republic of China.
    Subject: YMS.
    Method: Processing and utilization within the scope of the pre-opening specific purpose.
  • The rights and methods that the station can exercise in accordance with Article 3 of the Personal Information Law:
    You can ask YMS for inquiries, reading, or request to make copies, and YMS can charge the necessary costs at its discretion.
    You may request supplements or corrections from YMS, request to stop collection, processing or use, and request deletion, and YMS may charge necessary costs at its discretion. However, if YMS is necessary for the execution of the business in accordance with the law, YMS may refuse it.
  • The station is free to choose whether to provide relevant personal information:
    However, if the station refuses to provide relevant personal information, YMS will not be able to conduct the necessary review and processing operations, which may prevent the station from participating in the test ride activities.

Data source “Taiwan Yamaha”

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