[Taiwan Yamaha]Jinhao 125 exclusive premium accessories discount

Set Set content Suggested price Set discount
Intimate and practical

① Thermal insulation cushion cover
② USB charging station cable set
③ Built-in bag

1,850 yuan 1,450 yuan
Comfortable ① Rear cushion group
② USB charging station cable set
2,650 yuan 2,000 yuan
※ The suggested price does not include salary
Free to choose
Food items Suggested price
Rear frame assembly 2,450 yuan
Back cushion group 2,050 yuan
Thermal insulation cushion cover 850 yuan
Built-in bag 400 yuan
USB charging station cable set 600 yuan
License plate screw 750 yuan
Preferential method:

Choose one to enjoy a 10% discount on the recommended price;
Choose 2 items and enjoy 15% off the recommended price.
※ The suggested price does not include salary

More Jinhao 125 optional accessories…

● Activity description:

  • Activity period: from now on ~ 2021/3/31
  • Event object: Jinhao 125 owner

● Note:

  • Optional accessories applicable model description:
    “Rear frame assembly, rear cushion set, heat insulation cushion cover” is suitable for Jinhao 125 of various years;
    The “USB charging cable set (BCV-QH21E-10)” is only applicable to the latest Jinhao 125 (model and model code: LTS125CC, LTS125CD). Please confirm whether the above accessories match the purchased model to avoid failure to install.
  • “Rear frame assembly” and “rear cushion set” cannot be used at the same time, please choose one to install.
  • The price indicated on this page is the recommended selling price of the product and does not include installation wages.
  • The colors and styles of the products listed on the website are for reference only.
  • The company reserves the right to change the product style and price, and the company has the right to decide to terminate and change the preferential method and discount method.

Data source “Taiwan Yamaha”

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