Taiwan radar oversees the entire launch of a Chinese missile into the South China Sea

Taiwan radar oversees the entire launch of a Chinese missile into the South China Sea

The Japan Broadcasting and Television Association (NHK), citing US military sources, said on August 26 that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) army launched four medium-range ballistic missiles into the South China Sea. The Taiwanese military said it had fully grasped the security situation and related military exercises, and “no detailed comment ”. Taiwan has the Leshan Radar Station at Wufeng in Hsinchu District, which is a long-range early warning radar that helps track every move of the Chinese military.

On August 26, China launched four medium-range ballistic missiles into the South China Sea. Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense said that the Taiwanese military has a full grasp of the security situation in the Taiwan Strait and related exercises (Source: Military News Agency).

Taiwan’s long-range early warning radar monitors the entire process

According to the Central Taiwan News Agency (CNA) and the Liberty Times (Liberty Times), the Japan Broadcasting Association citing US military sources said, on August 26, China launched a total of 4 medium-range ballistic missiles into the South China Sea. Japanese media said that the missile dropped by China between the Spratly and Paracel islands of Vietnam, is currently analyzing the missile type.

In this regard, Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense said the Taiwanese military was fully aware of the security situation in the region and related exercises, and “Do not comment on details.”

It is known that Taiwan has the Lac Son Radar Station deployed in the Wu Feng village of Hsinchu district, which is a long-range early warning radar with a detection range of up to 5,000 kilometers and an effective range of 3,000 kilometers, which can be transmitted. effectively displayed the CCP’s movements in Mainland China.

Earlier, SCMP Hong Kong newspaper citing a source from the CCP military personnel said that one of the missiles was Dongfeng-26B (DF-26B) was launched from Qinghai, and the other was Dongfeng-21D (DF). -21D) was launched from Zhejiang.

According to information, the missiles launched by the CCP army include a Dongfeng-26B missile launched from Qinghai and one Dongfeng-21D missile launched from Zhejiang. Photos of medium-range ballistic missiles Dongfeng-2. (Source: craa22uk / Wikipedia).

About the range of Dongfeng-26B is about 4000 km, this missile is capable of carrying conventional warheads as well as nuclear warheads; Dongfeng-21D has a range of about 1,800 kilometers, both of which are considered anti-ship ballistic missiles capable of hitting large targets and are dubbed “killer ship “. According to SCMP’s research and assessment, the CCP launched a missile to send a warning signal to Washington.

Talking about this, the Vice President and Spokesperson of the Taiwan Mainland Commission (MAC), Mr. Khau Thuy Chinh (Chiu Chui-cheng) said, Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense explained to the outside world about The CCP’s recent military developments, also closely monitor developments in the related situation. Taiwan believes that maintaining peace in the strait is a shared responsibility of both sides. The CCP’s recent frequent military exercises and increased propaganda to threaten Taiwan, which has heightened tensions between the strait and the region, have also aroused public outrage. Taiwanese people and the suspicion of the international community. Taiwan urged the Beijing government not to misjudge the situation and deliberately provoke, Taiwan has firm belief and determination to defend national sovereignty and a free and democratic lifestyle.

The Taiwanese internal dispute over Ma Ying-jeou’s statement

In a recent speech, former Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou mentioned that if China invaded Taiwan, fear that “The first battle is over.”. But on August 26, Ma Ying-jeou re-explained that it was a report submitted by the Taiwan Defense Ministry, not his statement. He just wanted to remind President Thai Anh Van to avoid a war, because it might be too late when the war breaks out …

In response to Ma Anh Cuu’s statement, at a regular press conference, Mr. Khau Thuy Chinh said that Mr. Ma Anh Cuu had approved the so-called “The first battle is over“To threaten Taiwan accept “Consent 1992“, Underestimated Taiwan’s strength and determination to protect national security.”

Mr. Khau Thuy Chinh emphasized that former President Ma Ying-jeou believes “Consent 1992“War can be avoided, but”Article 5 Xi Jinping ” of the CCP stated that “The 1992 consensus is the one China principle ”; “Consent 1992“Pursue unity, never accepted.” “One China, one table per person”, no space exists for the ROC (ie Taiwan). Currently 90% of the mainstream public opinion of Taiwan has firmly opposed “one country, two regimes ”, we believe that this issue is irreversible, the people of Taiwan must realize that the essence of the Taiwan Strait crisis lies in Beijing’s hegemonic expansion and its ambitions to invade Taiwan.

He argued that it was very dangerous for Mr. Ma Ying-jeou to question and condemn the actions of the Beijing government that fell into the political trap of the CCP Unification Front, which is very dangerous. The official Taiwanese public opinion firmly opposes “one country, two regimes”And Beijing’s attack on Taiwan. The Taiwanese government has also done a good job of national security and is ready to face challenges.

In this regard, on August 26, Chairman Giang Khai Than (Johnny Chiang) of the The Taiwan Nationalist Party also responded to the controversy in the “the first battle is over ”. Mr. Giang Khai Than saying that it is normal for a democratic society to question those in power, the responsibility of those in power to respond, and that those in power should not be deliberately stigmatized.

In response, in a press release on the evening of August 26, spokeswoman Nghiem Nhuom Phuong (Ruoh-Fang Yen) of the Taiwanese Communist Party said, when Mr. Jiang Khai Than took office as Chairman of the Nationalist Party. will promote Party reform and reconsider the issue of the two strait lines, but after receiving opposition from conservative seniors in the Party, such as former chairman Ma Anh Cuu, Lien Chan, Ngo Duy Nghia …, immediately change his attitude. In 2019, Chinese President Xi Jinping is clear “Consent 1992” is a China, that is to be eliminated “One country, two regimes“For Taiwan, but Mr. Jiang Khai Than supports Ma Anh Cuu’s proposal.

Ms. Nghiem Nhuoc Phuong said in June 2020, the “International Crisis Group” that Mr. Ma Anh Cuu loves issued a warning in the observation report, pointing out the real cause was the China’s military activity has increased dramatically, such as the growing number of provocative military aircraft around Taiwan, not only causing tension in the Taiwan Strait but openly sabotaging blatant stability of the area. Ma Ying-jeou and Jiang Khai Shen have ignored the fact that Beijing unilaterally undermines regional stability, they also do not want and dare not condemn, while criticizing the Taiwanese people’s steadfastness in protect sovereignty and democratic freedom. The act of siding with the international democratic trend not only gives the impression of “the Kuomintang is the inferior party to the CCP” in the international community, but also makes it even harder to gain mainstream public approval. system in Taiwanese society.

Lu At Han

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