Taiwan asks US not to cause "misunderstanding" after White House deletes tweet with Taiwan flag

Taiwan asks US not to cause “misunderstanding” after White House deletes tweet with Taiwan flag

Taiwan has asked its office in Washington to remind the US not to cause “unnecessary speculation or misunderstanding” after the White House deleted a social media post about a possible COVID-19 vaccine donation. Taiwan flag image.

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The White House COVID-19 response team this week posted on Twitter a photo that provides details on global US vaccine donations, including the Moderna vaccine batch that was sent to the US. Taiwan. In the picture, the flag of the island can be seen along with other countries that have received the vaccine.

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen retweeted this tweet, adding: “Thank you to the United States for your generosity. Together, we will defeat this pandemic.”

However, the post by the White House COVID-19 response team was later deleted.

The United States, like most other countries, does not officially recognize the Taiwanese government.

China, which regularly claims Taiwan as its territory under its “one China” policy, has always bristled at any suggestion that Taiwan is, or deserves to be recognized as a part of China. separate sovereign states.

Taiwan Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Joanne Ou said the ministry had been informed that the Twitter post had disappeared.

“Regarding the reason for deleting this tweet, due to different interpretations by the media, the State Department has asked the mission in the United States to ask the United States not to cause unnecessary speculation or misunderstanding. regarding the deletion of related tweets,” she said.

The American Institute in Taiwan, the de facto US embassy, ​​referred questions and suggestions to the White House.

The United States is Taiwan’s most important supplier of arms and international support. The Biden administration, which continues on policies from the Trump era, has vowed to re-assure that support.

However, White House Indo-Pacific regional coordinator Kurt Campbell said on Tuesday that while Washington favors a strong informal relationship, it does not support formal independence. of Taiwan because it is aware of many sensitive matters involved.

In response, Ms. Ou affirmed that Taiwan is a sovereign country.

Xuan Lan (according to Reuters)

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