[TaiLing Locomotive]Saluto 125 Blossoms New Colors Brilliantly Unveiled

● Continuing the classic Italian appearance, glamorous new colors come on stage

● Colorful Two-Tone mix and match two colors, showing the new flavor of spring and summer coolness

● The simple appearance of Italy and the connotation of Japanese craftsmanship create a new rider with technology and fashion

● Celebrate the launch of new colors, and give them an exclusive gift during the pre-order period

April 17, 2021 – SUZUKI’s new Japanese-Yi hybrid Scooter Saluto 125 has been well received by the market since its launch in February 2020. In order to cater to more consumers’ tonality, and to continue its classic appearance and technological connotation, In the spring of 2021, the “Floral Tes Edition”, “Bologna Rose Gold” and “Naples Dark Blue” will be launched. In addition to perfectly echoing the body lines, it also adds a fashionable atmosphere. During the pre-order period of the new color, you will enjoy a limited gift. Get it right away. Life is more interesting.

The brand-new color scheme carefully developed and deployed by SUZUKI designers from Taiwan and Japan is specially designed for the beautiful body line of Saluto 125. Under the premise of continuing the elegant and simple style of Italian designer Alessandro Tartarini, it will “fashion, trend, “Colorful” and other current elements are integrated into it. “Bologna Rose Gold” and “Naples Dark Blue” are respectively taken from the environmental colors of the classic Italian cities, in-depth study, deducting authentic Italian feelings; Bologna is listed as Italy One of the cities with the highest quality of life, an ancient city that integrates history, art, music, and cuisine, and a unique style of multiculturalism; Naples is located on the coast of the Gulf of Naples, and its 2.5-kilometer seaside has become an important seaport city in the Mediterranean. The blue sea and colorful buildings are known as the city of inspiration.

The newly-added “Bologna Rose Gold” and “Naples Dark Blue” special car colors are both designed in a Two-Tone two-tone mix and match design. The gradual combination of shades and jumps makes the center ridge of the body more three-dimensional. Saluto 125 adds a colorful atmosphere and is launched in spring and summer to create a cool and pleasant visual experience.

In addition to the well-crafted appearance, SUZUKI pays attention to “the integration of people and vehicles to create a perfect riding experience”, adding a number of convenient technology and equipment to the Saluto 125, as well as SUZUKI’s latest engine technology; the only car in the same class is equipped with an automotive-grade Keyless keyless start system , Allows you to get rid of the bondage of the key, *senses immediately when approaching the vehicle, it is triggered at the touch of a button, elegant and unhurried; the multi-function instrument panel with digital and analog combination, simple and elegant appearance, with automatic adjustment of the light sensor function of the backlight, so that you can be clear during the day and night Interpret real-time vehicle conditions; adopt SUZUKI’s latest SEP (SUZUKI ECO Performance) high-efficiency and environmentally friendly engine, *51.7 kilometers per liter of ultra-low fuel consumption, and provide excellent performance, so that you can ride in the city and travel on mountain roads with ease.

Saluto 125 Huayang Special Edition, the recommended price is 80,000 yuan (not including license), in order to thank consumers for their support and love, and to celebrate the new debut of Saluto 125 Huayang Special Edition, the “Spring Enjoy” will be launched today. “Flowers bloom, pre-order gift” project, from April 19, 2021 to May 31, 2021, whoever pre-orders the new Saluto 125 flower color will enjoy a great discount of up to 13,540 yuan: *1. 30,000 yuan car bumper insurance + 30,000 yuan fire insurance + single accident driving insurance (worth 5,000 yuan), 2. Saluto blackened body rear bumper (worth 3,150 yuan), 3. an increase of 2,990 yuan, you can enjoy after SHAD SH33 Luggage and rear shelf combination” (original price 4,080 yuan, installation salary is not included), *Instalment to enjoy 18 installments of 0 interest rate, applicable *Government’s renewal plan to reduce goods tax and scrap car return charges totaling 4,300 yuan, expected to be 5 Cars will be delivered one after another at the end of the month. For details, please contact all authorized SUZUKI motorcycle dealers in Taiwan.

Note 1. The sensing distance of the Keyless keyless start system is “within 1.5 meters close to the vehicle body”.

Note: The fuel consumption of 2.51.7km/L is the indicated value of energy efficiency. The actual fuel consumption may vary depending on riding habits, road conditions and vehicle conditions.

Note 3: 30,000 yuan car collision insurance, the deductible is 3,000 yuan; single accident driving injury insurance, the amount is 200,000 physical injuries + 2 million death and disability.

Note 4.18 period 0 interest rate needs to bear a handling fee of 2500 yuan.

Note 5. The replacement plan must comply with the government’s policy of replacing the old with the new. The actual implementation of the subsidy depends on the government announcement.

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