Tai Chi Sword King, a game that customizes the direction of character development

According to sources obtained by Mot Game, Tai Chi Sword Vuong Mobile has been successfully brought to Vietnam by a large Game publisher in Hanoi area.

Tai Chi Sword King is carefully invested by an experienced manufacturer in the Chinese market, the game has super smooth 3D graphics quality. Character creation is extremely detailed with combat effects, sound is very delicately integrated.

The game asserts its difference from other role-playing games by focusing on developing an in-depth character system. Coming to Tai Chi Sword King, you will not have to restrict yourself to a fixed fighting style but can freely choose the martial arts path you want.

Not to mention the extremely large picnic map system, the extras are stretched along the character’s development route along with extremely attractive leveling gameplay. You will be immersed in a colorful Tien Kiem Hiep world, containing thousands of challenges for you to conquer.

Outstanding features of Tai Chi Sword King:

Customize skill board – Decide your own gameplay: The game includes 5 great schools of Thien Son, Nhat Nguyet, Sword Tong, Ma Dong and Bo De. Each faction has its own forte, developing more players can choose for themselves 3 roles including Blocking, Controlling and Violent Killing.

2.5D Viewing Angle – Maximum PK Support: with a classic 2.5D viewing angle along with an extremely reasonable character-to-screen ratio calculation for large-scale battlefields. Tai Chi Sword King confidently asserts itself as one of the best PvP support games, you will be able to enjoy the feeling of extremely hands-on PK.

Endless moves: The activities in Tai Chi Sword King take place throughout the week with many types of resistance such as Cong Thanh Chien, Bang Chien, Inter-server Battlefield, PK billion martial arts rank, etc., all of which are unlimited in number of participants. . In addition, there are unlimited copies of the Bride – Master – Team – Tower Floor to help players receive equipment Hoang Kim, Pearl, and masterpieces.

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