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Four main trends are forming the development trajectory of retail e-commerce

According to the latest report by global performance measurement and research firm Nielsen, online sales growth of FMCG products is outperforming sales at retail store channels, according to the estimate. FMCG’s online sales will surpass retail store sales within the next five years. Reporting by Nielsen, The Next Thing In E-Commerce, highlighting the latest trends […]

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Habeco: Q3’s profit is more than 317 billion, down 27% YoY

Comparing to the plan of 1,001 billion dong of pre-tax profit for the whole year, Habeco has completed 80% within 9 months. Hanoi Beer, Alcohol and Beverage Corporation (Habeco, code BHN) has just announced its third quarter of 2017 consolidated financial statements. Accordingly, the third quarter net revenue reached 2,977 billion, down 16% compared to […]

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Revealing Top 10 prestigious retailers in 2017

Vietnam’s retail industry is forecasted to be a durable and stable business, attracting the investment participation of many foreign businesses in the context of its large population, prosperous economic situation, good spending power … But along with that, the market will also compete more and more fiercely, domestic enterprises are forced to have new strategies […]

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Sabeco’s beer business continues to grow, earning more than VND 3700 billion after 9 months

Revenue from beer still accounts for nearly 87% of the company’s revenue structure. Saigon Beer-Alcohol-Beverage Joint Stock Company (Sabeco, Hose: SAB), has just announced the consolidated financial statements for the third quarter of 2017. Specifically: The Company’s revenue in the third quarter of 2017 increased by 15% over the same period to more than 8,055 […]

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Smartphone prices rose highest in history, buyers still did not decrease

Although the price of smartphones has increased, high-end smartphone prices are record high, but buyers still pay their money Page Androidheadlines According to a report by market research firm GfK, the average price of smartphones in the third quarter of 2017 increased the highest ever. Accordingly, the average price of smartphones increased 7% compared with […]

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Commercial air transport industry: Passengers increasingly prefer to communicate with technology

The digital revolution has brought a new wind to the global civil aviation industry by providing passengers with exciting experiences and at the same time helping to relieve the pressure of overload. at airports. Many new technologies are spreading at airports around the world, such as automated crowd analysis systems in front of check-in counters […]

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What is the Executive Assistant? Executive Assistant work and skills required

#Executive #Assistant #Executive #Assistant #work #skills #required Surely you have heard it once but do not know it What is Executive Assistant. In fact, this is a familiar job title in businesses. To help you better understand Executive Assistant, the following article will provide some basic information related to this career area. What is the […]

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Hanoimilk: Q3’s profit fell sharply again, in 9 months it hasn’t completed 10% of the year plan

Financial report of the third quarter of 2017 of Hanoi Dairy Products Joint Stock Company (Hanoimilk – code HNM) said that the company’s business results this quarter continued to decline. In the third quarter of this year, net sales of HNM reached 44.3 billion, down 6% from the same period last year. Although it has […]