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Who is Anonymous?

For a long time, Anonymous has become a haunting and terrifying name for many businesses, organizations and individuals in the world. Anonymous has been rated by the National Post as the “most powerful organization in the world” or named in the list of the world’s most influential figures in the prestigious Time magazine. So what […]

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Afternoon corner: Google, Microsoft awarded millions of dollars to white hat hackers, Toyota, NEC said “thank you”

The trend of awarding security bug bounties is growing widely in the modern technology world, led by big names like Google, Microsoft or Facebook. However, there are many cases where businesses simply send “thanks” to white hat hackers who have found security holes on their systems, especially Japanese businesses that are typical. is Toyota. In […]

Random Tech News

Apple announced a new, more diverse level of security bug detection bonus

As planned, Apple has just announced a new security bug bounty program, raising the reward to $ 1 million or more for any security specialist who can find vulnerabilities. large, serious appearances in the operating system as well as products of the software ecosystem of the company. Apple’s security bug bounty reward program, first announced […]