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eMOVING announced that it has joined the GOGORO PBGN battery swap alliance, and the battery swap and charging coexist in multiple ways!

1,484 China Motors eMOVING and GOGORO Ruineng cast a shocking bomb for the electric car market on 11/26, and announced the launch of the electric car cooperation. At the end of 2021, eMOVING will launch an electric car using the Gogoro Network® smart battery exchange platform service to make the next electric car war even […]

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Logical thinking skills: the importance and 4 ways to practice

#Logical #thinking #skills #importance #ways #practice Logical thinking skill is the ability to think disciplined or based on clear facts and evidence. Put simply, logical thinking skill means incorporating rationality into the thinking process of analyzing a problem to come up with a solution. Logical thinking requires the use of reasoning skills to study problems […]

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Want to do good Marketing? Find ways to create the experience instead of forever telling the experience

Today, customers value things based on experience, not just the usual product story. Brand communication needs to go hand in hand with realizing brand commitments. Creating and delivering the experience you want isn’t obvious. Every day we are directly witnessing the blurring of the lines between technology and user experience. Each technology application, even though […]

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The Best Ways to Make Your Home-Made Sandwiches Taste Like They’re From The Deli

Aren’t sandwiches just the absolute best? You can eat them whenever (did someone say breakfast sandwich?), you can whip one up quickly (PB&J, anyone?), pack them around (hard to toss last night’s lasagna in a bag, isn’t it), and enjoy one just about anywhere. And the best thing about sandwiches is you can make incredible […]

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10 ways to maximize the efficiency of Chatbot on Facebook Messenger

With a number of billions of daily users, it’s not surprising that Facebook’s chatbots are “seducing” the technology world. However, what is the best way to incorporate chatbots into the list of marketing strategies for each business? The following 10 tips for marketing through chatbot in Facebook messenger will help you take the first steps […]