What is special about Vingroup's super cheap 600,000 dong phone that makes people flutter?
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What is special about Vingroup’s super cheap 600,000 dong phone that makes people flutter?

(Techz.vn) Vsmart Bee Lite has just been announced by the company, attracting the attention of the public. VinGroup Group has officially launched the Vsmart Bee Lite smartphone with the price of only 600,000 VND that can connect to 4G. With the aim of popularizing smartphones in our country’s market, the above product is a great […]

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Journey to No. 1 of Vingroup

Vingroup’s Chairman once said: “We have never been to the top and probably will never have a top”. Is it that thinking and the philosophy of “entrepreneurship forever” is the driving force that drives Vingroup to No. 1 and possibly beyond. Billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vingroup is […]

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How has assets of 2 billion USD billionaires changed in Vietnam in the past year?

Even on the Forbes world billionaires ranking, Vietnam’s 2 billion dollar assets have rapidly increased by more than $ 2.8 billion in less than 9 months. In 2014, the wealth statistics research organization Wealth-X and the Swiss Bank (UBS) said that Vietnam has 210 super-rich individuals in the world, with total assets. worth 20 billion […]

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Standard & Poor’s upgraded Vingroup’s credit rating

Standard & Poor’s (S&P) global credit rating organization has upgraded the long-term credit rating for Vingroup from ‘B’ to ‘B +’, the highest credit rating ever in real estate industry in Vietnam. Raising credit rating one level, with the prospect of “Stable” affirming the Group’s position in the capital market, and also reflects the forecast […]

VinFast Klara S electric motorcycle incentives
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VinFast Klara S receives a ‘huge’ incentive, Vietnamese customers save tens of million dong when buying a car

(Techz.vn) With the new VinFast promotion program, customers who buy VinFast Klara S cars can save tens of millions of dong during this time. Recently, Vingroup Group has implemented a preferential program for customers buying Vinhomes houses to receive the house from September 28 to December 31. Accordingly, the above customers will receive a voucher […]

Hot clip: Watching VinFast President 'show off' on the streets of Hanoi, the second owner reveals photo 1
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Watching VinFast President ‘show off’ on the streets of Hanoi, the second owner showed up

(Techz.vn) The second “President” to receive the VinFast President car was officially revealed. Not long after the first giant received the VinFast President car, the second owner was given the hand of this extremely limited 500 car. The giant vehicle that has been registered and checked into the white sea in Hanoi has an eye-catching, […]