Sprint's Galaxy S10 5G is no longer a 5G-capable phone - Sprint's 4G LTE is not much slower than T-Mobile's 5G network, at least for now
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Sprint’s 4G LTE is not much slower than T-Mobile’s 5G network, at least for now

Sprint’s Galaxy S10 5G is no longer a 5G-capable phone You should be well aware by now that T-Mobile’s acquisition of the nation’s fourth-largest wireless service provider was all about 5G, but while the “Un-carrier” is unquestionably making great progress integrating the “Now Network’s” indispensable mid-band spectrum, certain Sprint customers are unlikely to be happy […]

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There’s no slowdown in sight for T-Mobile’s industry-leading 5G expansion efforts

T-Mobile’s top executives are wasting no opportunity to hype up the “Un-carrier’s” existing nationwide 5G network, as well as their ambitious plans to vastly improve the overall unimpressive speeds accessible today by integrating Sprint’s superior mid-band spectrum. The latest such opportunity came at an investor conference on Tuesday, when President of Technology Neville Ray pounced […]

On May 19th, T-Mobile subscribers will get a free three-month subscription to Tidal Premium - Over 50,000 people will win a prize in T-Mobile
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Over 50,000 people will win a prize in T-Mobile’s latest sweepstakes; here’s how you can enter

T-Mobile is looking to help subscribers stuck at home stay entertained by giving them three free months of Tidal Premium. The partnership between the carrier and the music streamer will save T-Mobile customers $30 starting on May 19th. Taking advantage of this offer is as easy as opening the T-Mobile Tuesdays app. And Tidal will […]

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Samsung Galaxy S20 5G first to benefit from T-Mobile’s merger with Sprint

Just as T-Mobile’s Chief Technical Officer Neville Ray promised three weeks ago when the merger with Sprint was announced as a done deal, the network synergy will soon be paying off. At the time, he mentioned that the “New T-Mobile is already deploying midband 5G spectrum in Philly,” and today this effort will start bearing […]