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Two stores in Beijing Fangshan carry out nucleic acid detection for all employees, and both are operating normally

Beijing News (Reporter Wang Lin) On June 17, Beijing Vanke Peninsula Plaza and Longhu Beijing Fangshan Tianjie successively released news that the shopping mall is conducting nucleic acid testing of all employees. Both of these shopping malls are located in Fangshan District, Beijing. Among them, all staff of Peninsula Plaza restaurants completed the nucleic acid […]

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Christine lost 7 years in a row, with 110 stores down last year

2020-04-01 16:42:28Beijing News Reporter: Guo Tie Editor: Zhu Fenglan Original copyright prohibits commercial reprintAuthorize Christine lost 7 years in a row, with 110 stores down last year 2020-04-01 16:42:28Beijing News reporter: Guo Tie Beijing News (Reporter Guo Tie) On April 1, Christine “The First Baking” released its 2019 performance report (unaudited), showing that its revenue […]

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[Great flames due to car theft]The bodies and parts stolen in Japan are scattered, and they are found in disjointed states at Japanese car specialty stores in the United States.

Enlarged Photo (7 in total) Stolen car sold proudly on American site text: Kumiko Kato (Kumiko Kato) A major incident regarding JDM sold in the United States is being discovered. JDM stands for Japanese Domestic Market and is translated “Japanese domestic market”. It is a generic name for cars related only to Japan, such as […]

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Many customers are cheated when buying products at stores & # 039; ma & # 039; on Shopee

Since March 2019, Lazada, Shopee and some e-commerce platforms in Vietnam have announced to stop providing inspection services when receiving goods, meaning that buyers must pay in full for New delivery staff to check the goods. This makes many users bewildered by some merchants that have taken advantage of this policy and use quite sophisticated […]

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The Epic store’s way forward, on how the Wool King grew up

About EPIC, two very interesting things happened last week. First, the Unreal 5 engine is finally available for the first time. The demo that blessed with the latest global illumination and virtual polygon technology is believed to impress many players. Especially not long ago, Ubisoft announced the “Assassin’s Creed: Heroes’ Palace” which will be released […]