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Following Steam, Epic Games Store also launched Black Friday promotions with a series of blockbuster discounts

Black Friday, also known as “Dark Friday” is set on the first Friday after Thanksgiving. When it comes to Black Friday, people immediately think of two things: “super discounts” and the chaos of the crowd. When this is one of the biggest shopping occasions of the year with shocking deals from retailers around the world. […]

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Link to download the 20 cheapest co-op games of the Steam Sale season, buy and comfortably battle games with friends (part 1)

Grand Theft Auto 5 (229,000 VND) Download link It can be considered as a monument of open world game series – good storyline – beautiful graphics in the world game village. This is also a game that is considered as the most successful entertainment monument of all time. The game takes us into the city […]

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A “Horizontal Theory Simulator” on Steam, let me realize the true meaning of leverage

Recently, a developer and publisher under the pseudonym “The Truthteller” quietly put a game called “Flat Earth Simulator” on the Steam platform. As the name suggests, this is a work that mimics the theory of “horizontal peace”. The “earth” in the game looks like a veritable “territory”… At the center of this plate is the […]

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The Steam Gamers Community is feverish with the 100% free kick soccer game

Inspired by the Cyberpunk trend and the game Nekketsu Koko Dodgeball Bu: Soccer Hen (also known with the familiar name in Vietnam is soccer), developer Pathea Games has released a game called Super Buckyball Tournament Preseason. The new generation of attorney football game Just 1 week after its release, this new generation ball game has […]

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#Put the ingredients in the pan and turn on the timer!All you have to do is steam the Chinese cabbage.

table of contents Chinese cabbage and pork braised Chinese cabbage curry layered steamed Boiled Chinese cabbage and scallops Along with radish, we have collected recipes for steaming Chinese cabbage, which has a stable price and volume. Ingredients such as shiitake mushrooms, pork, and scallops that are stewed together make Chinese cabbage even more delicious! From […]

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The legendary RuneScape role-playing game is suddenly available for free on Steam

First released in 2001, RuneScape is one of the oldest and largest community-owned role-playing games in the world. For nearly 20 years, this game is still developing and is a monument to the world gaming village. As time passes by, the idea that RuneScape will gradually fall into oblivion, suddenly reappears on Steam. Since November […]