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KRV vs rivals at the same level!A Review of the Specifications of Five Water-cooled Sports Touring Cars

display 1 / 1 33,153 11/26 Nikko Yang KYMCO officially announced the “Little AK” KRV, which refers to the FORCE, SMAX, DRG, Tigra and other cars. It can be said that the equipment is full of sincerity. It not only gave the whole car LED, sequential LED direction lights, and water-cooled engine , Keyless, etc., […]

2020.11.26.  10,653 read Porsche's first electric sports car, Taycan 4S, launched Autodiary 29
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2020.11.26. 10,653 read Porsche’s first electric sports car, Taycan 4S, launched Autodiary 29

Porsche Korea announced on the 26th that it will officially launch its first pure electric sports car’Taikan’ in Korea.“We are very pleased to introduce the Taycan, the brand’s first pure electric sports car to the Korean market, which is the standard of sports cars of the future and marks the opening of a new era […]

12 trot stars, sports like these...  Lim Young-woong wins again?
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12 trot stars, sports like these… Lim Young-woong wins again?

‘Pongsungahhakdang’ [TV CHOSUN] [아이뉴스24 정상호 기자] ‘Fresh Champion’,’Young Tax Club’,’Boys’ Generation’,’Fairy and Woodcutter’. It is now the ‘2nd Tyukdae’. Lim Young-woong, Young-tak, Lee Chan-won, and Jang Min-ho hold a’exciting explosion’ sports feast with 8 trot stars. In particular, Lim Young-woong’s team’Fresh Champion’ gives a special impression by singing Yoon Do-hyun’s’Maybe I Love You’ with’Winning Song’. […]

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ŠKODA’s new Superb facelift is announced, priced from 1.229 million: with performance and space, a new choice for sports wagons!

517 SKODA Superb has a place in the Taiwan market with the largest space in its class, an approachable price and a purebred European descent. It is common to sell cars until half a year and a year. After this time, there will be many more Superb models. Equipped with supplements, so car owners who […]

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R3 vs Ninja 400 vs CBR500R yellow card sports car showdown! Three car owners experience the advantages and disadvantages of changing cars!

9,688 The war between the yellow card sports car YAMAHA YZF-R3, KAWASAKI Ninja 400 and HONDA CBR500R has never stopped. The evaluation articles on the Internet have been read one after another by car fans, but because of the pure data competition, there is no temperature. Without feelings, Moto7 therefore decided to directly invite the […]

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MINI Countryman sports vacation, the price of the revised version is 1.35 million, the inspiration is standard, and the personality is like you!

149 The MINI Countryman has the largest cabin space in the MINI family and has repeatedly achieved global sales. It has a unique appearance with both fashion and off-road style, and a spacious and comfortable five-seater space. It is not only an excellent partner for daily urban commuting, but also an exploration The perfect travel […]

2020.11.12.  49,014 read'Apply a sports package?'  GV70 Diesel Model Spyshot ACARZ Acaz 60
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2020.11.12. 49,014 read’Apply a sports package?’ GV70 Diesel Model Spyshot ACARZ Acaz 60

[국내최초공개] Genesis GV70 2.5 Gasoline Turbo Matt White High Definition Indoor Hello, I’m uploading a high-definition indoor photo of Genesis gv70 2.5 gasoline turbo matte white taken at the parking lot at Pangyo Station. Parked in Pangyo Station… GV70 test car spy shot Genesis GV70Captured by this camera. The sports package was applied to […]