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ForbesTalk Overview: Brand Stories – Branding in the age of social media

Exploit the topic “Branding in the age of social media”, event Forbes Vietnam Talks – Brand Story In the second time, it was held successfully at InterContinental Saigon Hotel with the participation of more than 400 guests, business leaders, brand administrators, business community, entrepreneurs, … Throughout the program, there were exciting presentations and sharing around […]

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An exploratory social experiment gave birth to her “realistic game” concept

Speaking of desertification or desertification, many people may feel that they are far away. my country has a vast territory and deserts are mainly distributed in the sparsely populated northwestern region. The importance of sand control is not felt by people living in the monsoon zone. Distribution of deserts in Northwest China If you juxtapose […]

10 times growth, mint health nuggets gold in the social ecology
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10 times growth, mint health nuggets gold in the social ecology

#times #growth #mint #health #nuggets #gold #social #ecology His company mainly sells various healthy snack products. Compared with the same period last year, the turnover of these products on WeChat has increased by about 10 times this year. At present, the sales revenue of Mint Health on WeChat in one month has crossed the threshold […]

Security protection for people to disable during and after service COVID-19 picture 1
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Social security protection for people with disabilities during and after epidemic COVID-19

Mr. Nguyen Van Hoi, Director General of the Social Protection Department spoke at the Vietnam Bridge Point Forum. (Photo: Anh Tuan / VNA) Forum for People with disabilities ASEAN 2020 with the topic “Social security protection for people with disabilities during and after the COVID-19 epidemic” held online on December 18. Attending were members of […]

BTS Jungkook's'Never Not' tweet, India's'Most retweets in the music field of 2020' ranked 1st..Strong social power
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BTS Jungkook’s’Never Not’ tweet, India’s’Most retweets in the music field of 2020′ ranked 1st..Strong social power

[스타뉴스 문완식 기자] BTS JUNGKOOK / Photo = Reporter Kim Chang-hyun The tweet posted on Twitter by BTS’s Jungkook rose to the top of India’s’most retweets in 2020′, showing off strong social power. According to the famous Indian media’Bollywood Hungama’ (Bollywood Hungama) on the 17th (local time),’Twitter India’ refers to the official account of BTS […]

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Chen Youyou, President of Bilibili E-sports: E-sports requires a sense of social responsibility and a sense of honor and disgrace

On December 16, the 4th China E-sports Industry Conference was held in Yangzhou. Chen Youyou, President of Bilibili E-sports, launched a series of content sharing with the theme of “Embracing the Great Opportunities of the Times, E-sports Boosting the Development of the Digital Economy”. The speech revolved around the rise of young users, the development […]