Trump's National Security Advisor arrives in Vietnam to step up his anti-China efforts
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Trump’s National Security Advisor arrives in Vietnam to step up his anti-China efforts

Share FB Share Twitter Comment The visit of US National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien to the Philippines and Vietnam this week marks the administration’s continued efforts to counter China’s ambitions in the disputed area. East Sea. Embed from Getty Images Mr. O’Brien is expected to visit Vietnam from 20-22 November, according to the Ministry of […]

US National Security Advisor 'wishes to come to Vietnam sooner'
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The US National Security Adviser wished to come to Vietnam sooner

American National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien today (22/11) communicated with students, lecturers and graduate students of the Diplomatic Academy as well as quick exchange with the press group. American National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien in the talk and exchange Together to build friendship Having visited Vietnam for the first time, Mr. Robert O’Brien expressed: “I […]

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Netizens found that new Mac computers using Apple M1 still need to be improved in terms of security

Netizens found that new Mac computers using Apple M1 still need to be improved in terms of security 2020-11-19 21:00:35 10 likes 17 Favorites 21 comments This article has been authorized and published by Kuai Technology. The original title: Netizens discovered Apple M1 Mac computer loopholes: passwords and chat records are directly written in plain […]

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16:24 Whether the four-party security dialogue will expand or not is undecided. South Korean officials say they will maintain friendly relations with China and the US

The South Korean authorities said today that they have not received a formal invitation from the United States for the “four-party security dialogue,” and emphasized that South Korea will ensure “friendly cooperation” with China and the United States. The picture shows the US-South Korea joint exercise. (Associated Press information photo) 2020/11/13 16:24 [Real-time news/comprehensive report]The […]

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2020/11/10 23:58 Will Trump leave office to leak state secrets?Expert: Ignore National Security Intelligence and Reduce Risks

Trump (right) and Russian President Putin (left) held a bilateral meeting during the G20 summit in July 2017. (Associated Press file photo) 2020/11/10 23:58 [Compilation Guan Shuping/Comprehensive Report]During his tenure, US President Trump has selectively disclosed highly classified government information to attack his opponents, gain political advantage, and attract or intimidate foreign governments. In some […]

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Security in banking 4.0

First password, followed by fingerprint recognition, now iris and facial recognition. The latest security features on smartphones are playing an important role in enhancing customer banking experience. Password becomes the past Ten years ago, the introduction of the iPhone not only marked the dawn of the smartphone era, but also established the foundation for the […]

White House security fencing covered the sea 'Mr. Trump lost'
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The White House security fence is covered with signs that Trump lost

Temporary security barriers outside the White House now cover signs that say President Donald Trump lost the 2020 election. White House security fencing. Photo: PA According to the Daily Mail, federal law enforcement revealed an “anti-climb” fence had been erected outside of the 1,600 Pennsylvania Avenue home number to enhance security ahead of the election. […]

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The Security Council seeks solutions to problems in Syria, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The UN Security Council discusses the United Nations Peacekeeping Force – UN Police, on November 4, 2020. Photo: VNA broadcast At the annual discussion on the situation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Senior Representative of the UN Secretary-General Valentin Inzko argues that the signing and implementation of the 25-year Dayton Peace Agreement has brought peace […]

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[Chia sẻ] Cisco CCNA Security Network Security Administration Engineering Course

Cisco CCNA Security Network Security Administration Engineering Course – | Cyber ​​attacks in Vietnam and around the world are always intentional and very sophisticated. Attackers often target the weak points of the network to exploit. Therefore, administrators need to understand common weaknesses and know how to use technologies to protect the system they are […]

My Bauble 2020: My security chat before another in image 1
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American Elections 2020: America tightens security before the big moment

The window of a flower shop is reinforced before general elections in Washington, DC, USA. October 31, 2020. (Source: THX / TTXVN) Security has been tightened across the United States ahead of the November 3 general election, amid growing concerns about the threat of violence and instability following this important event. In Washington, DC, street-side […]