Quebec Busy drug delivery man pleads guilty

Quebec Busy drug delivery man pleads guilty

The drug deliverer Sylvain Boudreau-Baribeau, who worked in an organization selling “impressive” quantities of narcotics, admitted to having transported up to 2.5 million methamphetamine tablets and $ 1.8 million in cash in a few months. In October 2019, Jonathan Flo Rochette, a large-scale drug trafficker, was sentenced to a 13-year prison term. In addition to […]

Runners can stretch leg muscles with a towel.  Photo: Verywell Fit.
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Benefits of stretching leg muscles for runners

Stretching leg muscles help reduce acute muscle tension, reduce the risk of hepatitis, prevent chronic injury, keep balance for runners … Stretching before and after running is essential for runners. Some runners think about stretching back, hamstrings, knees and more before thinking of calves. But stretching the calf muscles is just as important. Doctor, Dr. […]

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SPY Spotlight: Tracksmith Is the Brand All Serious Runners Need To Know

Brand Spotlight is a new conversation series that highlights SPY editors’ favorite up-and-coming brands. We’ll introduce you to unique brands and share some of our favorite products. In college, Matt Taylor (founder of high-end running brand Tracksmith), ran a 4:10 mile. For those who know next to nothing about Track and Field, that’s fast. Really fast. […]