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05:00 The U.S. State Department again recruits China Council for the Promotion of Unification as a foreign representative office

2020/10/29 05:00 [Central News Agency]U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo said today that the CCP uses the “China Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association” headquartered in Washington as a cover agency to conduct external propaganda and malicious influence operations in the United States. The State Department decided to list the Promotion Association as a foreign representative. mechanism. US […]

A firm recruits 6 interns

A firm recruits 6 interns

Sara Couture and Alex Thivierge Côté. Photos: BCF website After rain the good weather? BCF Business Law firm, one of the largest in Quebec, has recruited no less than six of its interns: Sara Couture, Alex Thivierge Côté, Jean-Christophe Imbeau, Kristina-Soleil Pellerin-Stonier, Sophie Boulanger and Émile Côté-Soucy. The faces of these new lawyers are familiar […]

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May 2020 Rare Car Licensing Report: “Pure Electric” recruits register! HYUNDAI KONA EV officially listed on the road

99 When I previously wrote the auto market sales report in May (link), it is not difficult to see the impact of the new crown virus on the overall auto market, and it will take time to recover slowly. However, in the rare car market, which usually uses “high-price luxury cars”, it seems that since […]

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NS Daily News Kelemi recruits people to speak Chinese This game has been bouncing for 4 years!

Konami returns to game development Recently, on the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Kellett, for the “next 50 years”, a large half-way recruitment including director, planning, planning, programming, music, and various types of designers (the Japanese factory mostly trains freshmen) . There are several points worth paying attention to this recruitment: -People develop games […]

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Go-Viet recruits a new series of “generals”, preparing to jump into electronic wallets

After Ms. Diep Kieu Trang returned as Go-Viet General Director in April, this car-hailing application accelerated the recruitment of dozens of specialized directors. After a long time of almost “standing still” with 3 basic services, such as ordering two-wheelers, food delivery and delivery, Go-Viet began a new movement from July 2019. Accordingly, this application is […]

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Honda Rebel 300: A rebellious hybrid for new recruits

As a long-running bobber-style cruiser, the Honda Rebel 300 truly conquers customers for the first time playing a large displacement motorcycle because of its classic, rebellious design as well as its performance. Born in 1985, experiencing many years with many upgrades and changes but until 2017 Honda Rebel 300 entered the Vietnamese market. This model […]