recipe 5 minutes to bake!How to make a simple "quick bread" without yeast
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recipe 5 minutes to bake!How to make a simple “quick bread” without yeast

Writer : muccinpurin Confectionery hygiene I’m a former pastry chef. My secret hobby is to travel to Southeast Asia three to four times a year to experience local food and study cooking. I mainly write reproduction recipes and articles on basic cooking.Cooking YouTube started … See more 5 minutes to bake!Quick bread Photo by muccinpurin […]

Premiere Pro Quick Export Preset Dropdown
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Adobe Quick Export in Premiere Pro & Media Replacement in Motion Graphics templates

Adobe has announced new features for Creative Cloud’s video editing tools. These include Quick Export for Premiere Pro and Media Replacement in Motion Graphics Templates. Quick Export for Premiere Pro Quick Export for Premiere Pro allows editors direct access to popular and frequently used export settings, right from the header bar in Premiere Pro. Editors can choose […]

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2021 HONDA CB1000R announced: TFT instrument, small skin lift, Black Edition is also equipped with quick drain!

8,841 European HONDA announced today (11/10) without warning of 7 2021-style facelift models, including SH350i, SH Mode, PCX125, NC750X, X-ADV, CB1000R and CB125R, including Scooter, Crossovers, street cars and other car models; and previously there was news that the CB1000R is about to be changed. This article will focus on the 2021-style CB1000R, the big […]

Russia gave a quick blow to Tho
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Russia gave a quick blow to Tho

(International relations) – Confronting directly with Russia is not a wise choice because Turkey itself is too “busy” with many fronts. The message is tough According to international media, the Russian Air Force launched an airstrike on October 26 to destroy Turkish-backed Faylaq al-Sham militants in northwest Syria. Analysts said the attack on the military […]

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Quick hands-on backup battery Anker PowerCore Select 10,000 mAh: Cheap options for basic needs – VnReview

With a price of about 500-600 thousand dong, PowerCore Select 10,000 mAh is one of the most “economical” options of Anker, for users who do not require too much in terms of features but instead need a “companion. “reliable enough for smartphones to get through a workday.” In a busy life, fast charging has become […]

In quick hands, Anker PowerPort Atom III Slim: 65W slim and light GaN charger for both you and your "comrades" - VnReview
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In quick hands, Anker PowerPort Atom III Slim: 65W slim and light GaN charger for both you and your “comrades” – VnReview

Anker PowerPort Atom III Slim Charger provides the freedom and flexibility for mobile gamers who regularly play games with “friends” thanks to its compact design, high total charging capacity and multiple ports. connect. With the explosion of multi-player titles (multiplayer) such as PUBG Mobile, League of Legends or League of Legends: Rapid War, gathering with […]

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#A strong ally for food savings!5 selections of “bean sprouts x tofu side dishes” that make weekday rice quick and delicious

table of contents Bean sprouts champuru Boiled bean sprouts and tofu Tofu Chanpuru Takana tofu steak Pork bean sprouts tofu I can’t afford to go shopping today, and if possible I want to make only what is in the refrigerator …! Here are 5 side dishes that use bean sprouts and tofu that you can […]