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19:26 The Thai Baohuang faction does not ban the ban on taking to the streets to hold up the portrait of the king to protect the monarchy

The Thai royalist party took to the streets in Bangkok and other areas today (21), saying that their gatherings are not political and therefore not subject to the government’s ban on gatherings. (European News Agency) 2020/10/21 19:26 [Instant News/Comprehensive Report]In the face of anti-government and monarchy reform protests involving tens of thousands of people, Thailand’s […]

OtterBox iPhone 12 cases
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What Does Your Fancy New iPhone 12 Need? One of These Brand New OtterBox Cases to Protect It.

Did you already pre-order the new iPhone 12? Apple’s latest phone was announced earlier this week and is set to be officially released on October 23rd. As Apple-enthusiasts all over the country dash to Apple’s website to order their freshly produced device, we’re over here wondering how they plan to keep it protected. From accidental […]

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The story of Apple not giving away a charger to protect the environment: much more complicated than we think

In fact, Apple has chosen both aspects: the benefit of the business and the benefit of the environment. This is undeniable, but which side is more controversial is probably still. The assumption that Apple makes is that customers who buy new iPhones already have old headphones and chargers ready to use. If they don’t have […]

URL Disabler: Protect your web browsing
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URL Disabler: Protect your web browsing

Users with unlimited internet access are constantly exposed to the risk of malware infections and the risk of eavesdropping. Also, downloading copyrighted software from a company’s network can expose the company to potential legal disputes. Also, schools that want to comply with child protection legislation, or even WiFi providers that want to provide a friendly […]

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05:30 Jointly protect the Taiwan, Hainan and Nanhai in the U.S., Japan, India, and Australia cooperation

US Secretary of State Pompeo (from right to left), Australian Minister of Foreign Affairs Paine, Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs Toshimitsu Motegi, and Indian Minister of Foreign Affairs Jaishan Su, held the “Meeting of Foreign Ministers of the United States, Japan, India and Australia” on the 6th in Tokyo, Japan. Pompeo was present at the […]