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12 things that are only available on the new macOS Big Sur, not previously

New control center Previous versions of macOS often hide important controls in System Preferences, a lot of things are being installed to install. However, with the latest macOS, the new Control Center is similar to that on iOS, allowing users to quickly access Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and AirDrop connection settings, adjust screen brightness, and more. . […]

Random Tech News

Honda Odyssey 2021 launched in Japan, with a new design, state-of-the-art technology, priced from $ 33,784

The first change that is most noticeable is the front end, the Honda Odyssey 2021 has a more rounded nose, with a redesigned grille and air intake cavity, made up of multiple horizontal metal bars. Superficial and aggressive for this MPV. The LED headlight system also has a new, more modern and bigger design. At […]

Random Tech News

Pandemic to the evening of November 17: In just 8 days, the world has added 5 million new cases, currently more than 55 million cases

World situation Moderna’s initial evaluation of the vaccine showed that it was up to 95% effective on volunteers. Higher than Pfizer (90%) and Sputnik V (92%).Many vaccine lobbyists are urging Moderna to share the technology because the expected cost of this vaccine is still too high. Moderna is expected to sell the vaccine for between […]