Hillary Clinton: 'This is the new page of America'
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US Election Results: Hillary Clinton called this the new US page

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton congratulated Joe Biden on his victory over his old rival, President Donald Trump. A series of major news sites in the world declared that Democratic candidate Joe Biden had surpassed Donald Trump in Pennsylvania to officially elect the US President. Ms. Hillary Clinton celebrates Mr. Biden’s victory: A […]

Recruitment CTV Evaluation page 24h Technology - Mobile World 2020 2 Nguyen Anh Tuan 4 hours ago
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Recruitment CTV Evaluation page 24h Technology – Mobile World 2020 2 Nguyen Anh Tuan 4 hours ago

Recruitment CTV Evaluation page 24h Technology – Mobile World 2020 Nguyen Anh Tuan 7 hours ago 2 comments Due to the need to expand the content, in order to improve the quality of news for readers on the Tech 24h page, we wish to enroll more new members, dynamic, young and especially passionate about technology. […]

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iPhone 12 will wirelessly charge twice as fast as normal, but only with a MagSafe charger

iPhone 12 can use wireless charging technology up to 15w. That is higher than conventional wired charger. However, this fast wireless charging is only available when using an Apple-approved accessory. 15W wireless charging is the focus of attention for the iPhone 12. According to Phong Vu information, the iPhone 12 series will be upgraded to […]

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OnePlus 8T launch: flat screen, 65W fast charging – price from 13.5 million

OnePlus’ latest flagship model was unveiled last night, called the OnePlus 8T. The product that brings the most significant improvement is the 65W wind-tearing charging speed and the flat screen that fits the majority of users. New charging technology on the OnePlus 8T called Warp Charge 65. Only 39 minutes is enough to charge “full […]

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Magic God Tam Quoc is about to launch Vietnamese gamers in October – The breakthrough of the general card game series is here!

Ma Than Tam Quoc – a general card game with an unprecedented breakthrough and attractive gameplay is about to launch in the Vietnamese gaming community this October. After a series of successful Tam Quoc game projects before, NPH Funtap continues to show its strength when giving gamers a more “quality” general card game – Magic […]

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On hand Samsung Galaxy F41: Cluster of 3 rear cameras, Exynos 9611 chip, 6,000 mAh battery, reasonable price

Recently, Samsung has officially launched the first version of the Galaxy F series with a super battery and a reasonable price. Galaxy F41 is expected to “confront” a lot of products of the same level in the OPPO, Realme, Redmi line and cousin of the Galaxy M family. So to understand more about the product, […]

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“Slow page load” nightmares and online content solutions

Industry with online content providers – Slow website loading is a nightmare For online content providers, website loading slowly means “offering” customers to competitors. The typical online content is cumbersome in terms of capacity (high-quality content, HTML, video, audio, and images) easily causes the risk of network congestion, slow page loading … due to overloaded […]

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Denied to restore Fortnite iOS, Epic Games faces the risk of losing the lawsuit

INTERNATIONAL_ Epic Games’ request to restore Fortnite iOS has been denied, and the US game company is at risk of losing the lawsuit against Apple. On October 9, federal judge Yvonne Gonzalez in Oakland, California, USA denied Epic’s preliminary request for Apple to restore Fortnite iOS on the App Store system, while allowing Epic to […]