Optimistic about the opportunities in the pet fresh food market, "FurFur Land" received tens of millions of angel round financing
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Optimistic about the opportunities in the pet fresh food market, “FurFur Land” received tens of millions of angel round financing

#Optimistic #opportunities #pet #fresh #food #market #FurFur #Land #received #tens #millions #angel #financing 36 Krypton learned that the pet food brand “FurFur Land” completed a tens of millions of angel round financing in November 2020, led by Zhuopu Investment, followed by Shanghai Baozun Pet. This round of financing mainly expands the user team. Product development […]

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Vietnam PMI in November decreased slightly but manufacturers are still very optimistic

The rate of job creation remains high, Nikkei said, and companies remain optimistic about output growth next year. Nikkei has just released the Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) for the entire manufacturing sector of Vietnam – a synthetic index measuring the performance of the manufacturing industry. Specifically, Vietnam’s PMI in November dropped to 51.4 points from […]

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00:00 The US election affects the world! BBC: Russia is optimistic about the drama, Chinese state media negative reports

The current U.S. President Trump (right) and the Democratic candidate Biden (left) had a stalemate in the election and received high attention around the world. The British media “BBC” compiled the reactions of the media, politicians and people from all over the world, and reported that Russia was watching a good show. Point out that […]

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EU lower economic growth forecast – Spain is optimistic about economic recovery

In the latest forecast, the EC believes that the economy of the Eurozone will grow at 4.2% next year, much lower than the 6.1% forecast. in July. The EC believes that the regional economy is cooling down despite a better-than-expected recovery in the middle of this year. Accordingly, Eurozone economic growth will decrease by 7.8% […]

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Vietnam continued to be the fifth most optimistic country globally in the third quarter of 2017

In the third quarter of 2017, consumers’ confidence in Vietnam reached 116 points (down 1 point compared to Q2 / 2017) and this continues to help Vietnam become the country with the 5th highest level of optimism globally, behind India, the Philippines, Indonesia and the US, according to the Consumer Confidence Index report for Quarter […]