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This multiplayer survival shooting game can use AI to frame opponents

The next multiplayer survival shooting game worth watching. About before PUBG became popular, the European and American game industry once popularized the concept of “PvPvE”. Some popular products in the same period, including “DayZ”, “H1Z1” and “Ark: Survival Evolved”, both play against players and fight monsters around. Combining PvP and PvE gameplay, this concept has […]

News car hot, Toyota Innova 2021 discount
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Toyota Innova 2021 increases equipment, reduces selling prices, Honda SH has a series of formidable opponents

Toyota Innova 2021 increased equipment, reduced the price to 21 million VND, decided to ‘defeat’ the Mitsubishi Xpander Just a few days after returning to the dealer, Toyota Vietnam officially launched the Toyota Innova 2021 on October 9. Toyota Innova 2021 will continue to be assembled domestically with 4 versions including E, G, Venturer and […]

Mr. Maduro pardoned 100 opponents, beating Juan Guaido
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Mr. Maduro pardoned 100 opponents, beating Juan Guaido

(News 24h) – The Venezuelan president pardoned 101 opposition figures with the aim of promoting national reconciliation. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on August 31 (local time) announced amnesty to more than 100 opposition figures, including MPs and fortifications of opposition leader Juan Guaido. President Maduro tried to reconcile the nation, Juan Guaido soon lost its […]

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Beyond the equipment of opponents of the same level! YAMAHA “NMAX 155”

The YAMAHA MAX family has been loved by many fans for a long time. However, NMAX has been missing in the Taiwan market. However, with the long-term expectation of everyone, the Yamaha locomotive in Taiwan finally introduced this 155c displacement .c. The water-cooled speed Keda of grade distance, after the introduction of TMAX, XMAX, SMAX, […]