Just because Yinengjing now has a bad reputation, Qin Hao, who is very hot, began to resist the binding
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Zhao Lusi’s team named herself “Sister Zhao”, this operation caused Zhao Liying’s dissatisfaction

#Zhao #Lusis #team #named #Sister #Zhao #operation #caused #Zhao #Liyings #dissatisfaction Mo Gu: Zhao Lusi calls herself “Sister Zhao”? Ye Ye: Zhao Lusi’s team named herself “Sister Zhao”, a word that appeared very frequently in her recent publicity bulletins. However, Zhao Lusi’s actions made Zhao Liying’s fans quite dissatisfied, because Zhao Liying had also marketed […]

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Head of Voodoo China: How to achieve a 2% burst rate?

On November 17, at the China Unity Online Technology Conference-Game Special Conference, Liu Yi, Head of Developer Relations of Voodoo China, brought the theme “Voodoo Toolchain Helps Unity Developers Create the Next Ultra-Casual Game The content sharing of “Global Explosions”, introduced in detail how to use tools to improve the development efficiency of ultra-casual games. […]

Giuliani: The CCP let out the corona virus to destroy the world
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Operation President Trump withdrew the lawsuit in Michigan after being “relieved” in Wayne County

Share FB Share Twitter Comment Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said President Trump’s campaign on Thursday (November 19) withdrew the lawsuit in Michigan after being “relieved” in Wayne County. Embed from Getty Images “This morning we will withdraw our lawsuit in Michigan after we have achieved what we are looking for: stopping Wayne […]

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Do not “buy”, the highest income in the world! “Yuan Shen” marketing review

“Original God” has been a commercial success, really has no purchase? 01. Without access to channels, the purchase amount of information flow is minimal, and “Yuan Shen” attracted USD 245 million in the first monthSince its official launch on September 28, Miha Tour “Yuan Shen” has made great strides, with a turnover of US$245 million […]

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The Three Kingdoms SLG has three legs, which is the key to breaking the game?

According to the past data report of Hot Cloud Data, SLG mobile games took advantage of the strong return of heavy mobile game purchases during the summer, and gradually surpassed the purchase market share of leisure mobile games. Among them, the Three Kingdoms theme mobile game relies on the natural “adhesion” with the SLG mobile […]

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Producer of “Three Kingdoms Killing OL”: The user continues to grow and the turnover increases by 50%. How did we do it?

Since entering Q4, under the impact of a large wave of new products, the major lists have been changing blood. The successive breakthroughs of new products such as “The Awakening of the Nations”, “Original God” and “Tiandao Mobile Games” have further squeezed the living space of the old games. Recently, Ou Gengxin, the producer of […]

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Comprehensive interpretation of the needs of puzzle mobile game players

Players in different game categories have different game needs and motivations. For mobile game marketers and developers, thinking from the perspective of players will not only help create a better gaming experience, but also carry out marketing activities in a targeted manner and achieve desired results. Earlier, we introduced you to the player profiles of […]