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Game content copyright commercial speed-up How does Tencent game authorization open the market?

In the game industry, Tencent Games is developing a new model. According to the related information, Tencent Games is currently trying to commercialize game-derived content such as game live streaming, short videos, and graphics with some content platforms. During the period of 618, some users discovered that a variety of advertisements appeared in some anchor […]

'Hospital cleanup' Kim Ho-jung,'Nesundorma' open window→"I speak to Eunsa every day"...
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‘Hospital cleanup’ Kim Ho-jung,’Nesundorma’ open window→”I speak to Eunsa every day”…

Photo = Capture broadcast screen [헤럴드POP=이영원 기자]Ho-jung Kim sang’Nesundorma’. On the afternoon of the 6th, the appearance of’Tvarotti’ Kim Ho-joong was aired on the 2nd episode of’simple cleanup’ broadcast on tvn. Yun Kyun-sang asked for a song, “Can I hear it?”, and Ho-jung Kim sang it right there. “I didn’t think I could sing Nesundorma […]

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“Empty Knight: Song of the Silk” new BOSS is open for joint design by terminally ill players

“Empty Knight: Song of the Silk” developer Team Cherry recently released another new boss named “Seth”, and a moving picture of the wasp fighting is also exposed. Let’s take a look. There is a very touching story behind this BOSS called “Seth”. A player named Seth Goldman unfortunately has cancer, and he was lucky to […]

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The open world survival game “Corrosion” launches an updated modular vehicle to join!

Open Face Survival Game by developer Facepunch Studioscorrosion(Rust)” has now launched the latest update, adding a modular vehicle that began testing in May this year. Let’s take a look at the trailer! 【Ranger Net】Modular Vehicle Trailer of Corrosion The modular vehicle that was finally realized in about five years from the initial concept has three […]

OC-135B US reconnaissance aircraft specialized in carrying out flights in the treaty.  Photo: Flickr / Backa Eriksson.
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Russia warned of the consequences of the US withdrawal from the Open Skies Treaty

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister said the US would create a domino effect, destroying Europe’s pillar of security when withdrawing from the Open Skies Treaty. “US action will trigger the domino effect, completely destroying one of the key military deals to build confidence after the Cold War. We do not want Washington’s allies to surrender to […]

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What makes a perfect open world? Go away from “Metro: Leaving”

METRO: EXODUS For some well-known reasons. Many domestic players have only recently played the “Metro: Departure” (hereinafter referred to as the subway), a work released early last year. Despite complaints about the distribution platform and publishers, the game itself has been well received by players for its excellent quality. The monsters lurking in the barren […]