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“White Paper on Intellectual Property Protection of Online Games” released, focusing on hot topics in live broadcast and cloud games

After nearly two decades of development, the online game industry has become an important field in the development of my country’s pan-entertainment industry. With the advent of the 5G era, frontier markets such as cloud games and AR/VR games are also ushering in new opportunities for rapid growth, and the entire game industry will undergo […]

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[Webike Online Motorcycle Show]Club517Superbike

Club517Superbike is a brand that manufactures and sells motorcycle parts in Bangkok, Thailand. The products are mainly made of aluminum alloy parts processed by CNC. The development and production of parts with excellent texture and practicality include HONDA, YAMAHA, KAWASAKI, SUZUKI Such as Japanese brands and European brands such as BMW, DUCATI, KTM and TRIUMPH. […]

Instructions on how to reduce the size of images, compress images Online with Kraken
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How to reduce the image size, compress Online images to keep the quality

Heavy images upload, download for a long time. So you should compress the images before uploading to the internet. The way is very simple. See the instructions here. → If you prefer to use software to compress images, Caesium is the perfect choice. Instructions on how to reduce the size of photos, compress images online […]

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Wu Yutai launches its first sub-brand “Yutai Yixiang”, forming an online and offline synergy pattern

Beijing News (Reporter Wang Ziyang) On September 16, Wu Yutai, a long-established tea brand in the tea industry, released its first sub-brand-“Yutai Yixiang”. Zhao Shuxin, Chairman of Wu Yutai, said that building a sub-brand is a milestone event in Wu Yutai’s century-old development history and an unprecedented initiative. It will inject new vitality and give […]

Forefront | "Tmall Haofang" platform is online, Lianjia's biggest opponent appears?
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Forefront | “Tmall Haofang” platform is online, Lianjia’s biggest opponent appears?

#Forefront #Tmall #Haofang #platform #online #Lianjias #biggest #opponent #appears On September 16, Tmall and E-House announced a strategic cooperation and jointly launched the “Tmall Haofang” platform. This is the first big move after Ali increased its capital holdings of Yiju at the end of July this year. At that time, the two parties announced that […]