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The mobile phone market is saturated, Mobile World opens the direction of selling ‘clean vegetables’

Mobile World Investment Joint Stock Company (MWG) has just shared the new direction of this business in 2018. Notably, The Gioi Di Dong will focus on promoting the Bach Hoa Xanh supermarket system. The above information was shared by Mr. Nguyen Duc Tai, Chairman of Mobile World, at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders today. […]

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ViewSonic launches product line of mobile monitors for work and entertainment

The separate separate screen will be the solution for those who have to move, serving both work and entertainment. ViewSonic mobile monitors are capable of connecting to laptops, tablets, smart phones and game consoles via a single cable. The product integrates dual USB Type-C ports with the ability to support 60W power transmission capacity, allowing […]

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Developers use multiple cases to talk about the enlightenment brought by the development history of 4X strategy mobile games

In the past decade, 4X strategic mobile games (also known as SLG) have brought billions of dollars in revenue to the industry, and the future trend will only continue to grow. The history of 4X games is a course full of mistakes and progress, and anyone who wants to step into this circle will wisely […]

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“PUBG Mobile” and “Fortnite” are successively restricted. How much influence does it have on the tactical competitive market?

There seem to be many cracks in the iron plate of the global tactical competitive mobile game market. Different from other categories, the entry of many mature manufacturers in the early years quickly solidified the tactical competitive mobile game market, resulting in a situation where many giants held the right to speak. Among them, “Free […]