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YAMAHA Vinoora: Trendy urban light riding, a featherweight master for daily commuting!

display 1 / 2 Next page 19,470 The brand-new Vinoora launched by YAMAHA not long ago is based on the concept of “Newtro”, combining popular and retro elements, blending a unique sense of fashion, and its unique appearance also breaks the general appearance of the Scooter. The impression of, brought a refreshing visual experience and […]

2020.11.23.  48,302 read'The shape of the brake light is revealed'
Cars & Motobikes Random

2020.11.23. 48,302 read’The shape of the brake light is revealed’

Photo Source-Instagram’heyssumin’ Kia Motors’ pure electric car, Imagine EV(Code name CV) The test car was captured by the camera.. The shape of the rear brake light was partially revealed thanks to the filming at night.. Recent domestic social network services(SNS)Imagine on EVA picture of the test car, presumed to be, has been released.. The test […]

Cars & Motobikes Random

BMW THE 6 Gran Turismo is newly released, priced at 3.68 million: 48v light oil and electric blessing, both luxury and energy saving!

99 BMW’s Gran Turismo series has always been a choice for owners who love medium and large Sedan and want a little more practicality, with both texture and luxury. The term GT originates from the in-depth journey of European aristocrats to enrich themselves, challenge themselves, and develop themselves. The new BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo […]