The competition pressure of Korean variety shows is too high, so the female guests can "do whatever they want" in order to get ratings
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The competition pressure of Korean variety shows is too high, so the female guests can “do whatever they want” in order to get ratings

#competition #pressure #Korean #variety #shows #high #female #guests #order #ratings As everyone knows, South Korea, as a country with a well-developed entertainment industry, has a large number of various male and female groups, and various emerging variety shows are also emerging. Even many well-known variety shows in China imitate Korean variety shows. This shows the […]

South Korea pledged to end the war on the Korean army in June 1
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South Korea pledged to promote lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula

Inter-Korean border fence on Gyodong Island, South Korea. (Photo: AFP / TTXVN) The Presidential Palace of South Korea said on July 2 during the meeting National Security Council (NSC) every week, the country’s top security officials have agreed to continue their efforts for peace long on Korean Peninsula. NSC members have recently discussed the security […]

Trieu Tien immediately called me to help him with COVID-19 picture 1
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North Korean leader calls for maximum vigilance for COVID-19 epidemic

Leader Kim Jong-un chaired a meeting. (Photo: Yonhap / TTXVN) According to Yonhap, state media reported on July 3, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on July 2 hosted a North Korean Politburo Party meeting. During the session, leader Kim Jong-un calls for “maximum vigilance” for SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 acute respiratory infections, and warns […]

My bomb flying machine appears now Trieu Tien picture 1
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American bombers appear near the Korean Peninsula

B-52H aircraft. (Source: businessinsider) According to Yonhap, an aviation monitoring site Aircraft Spots on June 19, two US strategic bombers have been spotted flying near. Korean Peninsula amid tensions rising after North Korea warned South Korea of ​​its leaflets against Pyongyang. According to Aircraft Spots, two B-52H aircraft were found flying over northern Japan on […]

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North Korean defector’s flyer “not reached north” = Korean government

Enlarged photo [Seoul Union News]South Korean North Korean defectors (North Korean defectors) group “Free North Korean Movement Union” flew a leaflet criticizing North Korea from Gyeonggi-do/Paju in the North-South border area toward North Korea on the night of the 22nd. Regarding the allegation, the Ministry of Unification announced on the 23rd that it has grasped […]

Korean Peninsula 'stretch as strings', US 2 aircraft carrier exercises | World
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Korean Peninsula ‘stretch as strings’, US 2 aircraft carrier exercises | World

According to the US Pacific Command, the two aircraft carriers USS Theodore Roosevelt (CNV71) and USS Nimitz (CVN 68) have conducted mixed operations in Philippine waters, starting Sunday (21 / 6). This campaign ended at the beginning of June 23. Notably, the operational area of ​​the Seventh Fleet included the Korean Peninsula. “The ships and […]

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“Bombing woman” Yomasa’s runaway… Korean President Moon’s approval rating plummeted! ”Intellectually, after all, President Moon ends without doing anything”

The “Bombing Woman” runaway has put the Moon Jung administration in a predicament. The approval rate of the Bun administration has plummeted after Kim Yoon-young, the sister of the Korean Labor Party chairman and the first deputy director of the Kim Yo-jeong party, bombed the North-South Joint Liaison Office. It is. North Korea has also […]