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The Three Kingdoms SLG has three legs, which is the key to breaking the game?

According to the past data report of Hot Cloud Data, SLG mobile games took advantage of the strong return of heavy mobile game purchases during the summer, and gradually surpassed the purchase market share of leisure mobile games. Among them, the Three Kingdoms theme mobile game relies on the natural “adhesion” with the SLG mobile […]

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Producer of “Three Kingdoms Killing OL”: The user continues to grow and the turnover increases by 50%. How did we do it?

Since entering Q4, under the impact of a large wave of new products, the major lists have been changing blood. The successive breakthroughs of new products such as “The Awakening of the Nations”, “Original God” and “Tiandao Mobile Games” have further squeezed the living space of the old games. Recently, Ou Gengxin, the producer of […]

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Tam Quoc Chi Loan Vu is about to release in some Asian countries

INTERNATIONAL_ Recently, game company Square Enix announced that it will release Tam Quoc Chi Loan Vu in some Asian countries this November. [media=] Trailer game Square Enix’s new mobile game called Tam Quoc Chi Loan Vu is about to be released. According to information from the Japanese game company, this game will be distributed in […]

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SLG market in the Three Kingdoms or now “fighting gods”?Tencent, Netease, and Ali staff one

For a long time in the past, due to the “washing volume” playing method under the homogenization of the product competition, the players have caused obvious aesthetic fatigue, which has caused the COK-like playing method that prevailed in the SLG market to slowly lose its past. Of glory. Under this circumstance, the only SLGs that […]

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Observation of Beijing Auto Show①|German-made pure electric vehicles gathered in BBA to stage “Three Kingdoms”

The Beijing Auto Show has become a “battlefield” for auto companies, and domestically produced pure electric vehicles from Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi are in place. BBA’s competition in the pure electric vehicle market will intensify On September 26, the 2020 (sixteenth) Beijing International Automobile Exhibition (“Beijing Auto Show”), which was postponed for nearly half a […]

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The first SLG mobile game developed by UE4 is set at 10.21, Tencent and Zulong want to subvert the previous Three Kingdoms theme

“Why does SLG always do the Three Kingdoms?” In recent years, when a new SLG tour is announced, the player level seems to have such questions from time to time. Regarding the strong binding of the Three Kingdoms IP and SLG categories, there have been more and more such questions at the user level in […]

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Hu Ge X “Three Kingdoms•Strategic Edition”: When a Kirin Talent Meets the Real Three Kingdoms Original

At 19:00 on September 20, 2020, in the “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition” anniversary live broadcast ceremony, well-known actor Hu Ge airborne to the official live broadcast room, as a veteran player who has played for 3 seasons and live broadcast host Wang Jingxin , Strategy Lao Ma launched an in-depth game experience exchange (mutual) flow […]