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Google testing a new app called ‘Task Mate’ to crowdsource business information and voice recordings

As first reported by 9to5Google, a new app is being tested in a closed beta. The Google-made app is called “Task Mate” and it’s kind of like Google Opinion Rewards, but a bit more involved. Basically, Google Opinion rewards will passively ask question based on recent purchases, or the use of recent Google products like […]

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Revealing Nissan Terra information with an upgraded, anti-trend design, mysterious price

In addition to the additional equipment, the new upgraded version brings a new and younger look but goes against the trend of the current mid-size suv lines. In the context that most Asian automakers release the 2021 update, even the Isuzu Mu-X has a Facelift version after many quiet years. Particularly, Nissan is the remaining […]

Sforum - Latest technology information page 6bd396abce04305a6915 Phase 2 pre-order iPhone 12 series starting 11/20, quickly register information to receive many exclusive offers from CellphoneS
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Phase 2 pre-orders iPhone 12 series starting November 20, quickly register information to receive many exclusive offers from CellphoneS

As everyone knows, phase 1 for pre-order iPhone 12 series VN / A ended on November 10, very quickly after that, CellphoneS continues to open phase 2 for pre-order iPhone 12 series starting at 0:00 on the 20th. / 11 to 22 hours 30 minutes on November 26. Pre-order is a time organized by retailers […]

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Genshin Impact stood before the scandal to reveal information of millions of gamers

Without a doubt, Genshin Impact has become one of the most successful games on the mobile platform today with millions of downloads on both mobile, console and PC. With such a large number of players, surely the developer miHoYo will have to keep any information that users provide safe when playing Genshin Impact. However, this […]

US election: Republican senator accuses Google of manipulating information
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US election: Republican senator accuses Google of manipulating information

Share FB Share Twitter Comment Recently, three US Republicans have accused Google of manipulating information before the election, which can help Democrats benefit more votes. Google and Facebook have removed Hong Kong from the list of partners as planned to sell first in the undersea cable plan. (Photo: Linda Parton / Shutterstock). The three Republicans […]

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Continuing information about iPhone 13, the upgraded camera is more powerful than ever!

( “I guess” Ming-Chi Kuo continues to give predictions about iPhone 13. iPhone 13 will have the “screen” to upgrade the camera more impressive than ever. When the design has not changed, the hardware is more than enough, the camera continues to be the strong point that Apple wants to aim for. Kuo said Apple […]

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[Hongbao Heavy Machinery]2020 Tour Information Meeting

Itinerary details first day Gather at all stores at 6 o’clock in the morning; Groups gather at 8 o’clock county park (59 kilometers); Romantic Suhua Highway; Refuel Hualien New Town Zhongyou Jiandeng Station (180 kilometers). Chinese cuisine Qixingtan Seven Bay Seaview Restaurant (199km); Take pictures of the Kaluran Coast on the East Coast; Dinner at […]

Heavyweight|36Kr 2020 China's new economic unicorn TOP100 and "Value Index" report are jointly released!
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Heavyweight|36Kr 2020 China’s new economic unicorn TOP100 and “Value Index” report are jointly released!

#Heavyweight36Kr #Chinas #economic #unicorn #TOP100 #Index #report #jointly #released Text|Huang Zhuxi Report Writing|Yao Xuelei and Liu Yan Produced|36Kr Venture Capital Research Institute In the middle of the night of July 30, the long-silent VCPE industry was like an instant “resurrection”: The ideal car that had just landed on the Nasdaq rose about 52% as soon […]

Market News | Banking stocks rise collectively, Ali's performance is stable
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Market News | Banking stocks rise collectively, Ali’s performance is stable

#Market #News #Banking #stocks #rise #collectively #Alis #performance #stable Wen | Ren Xueyun Editor | Pan Xinyi On November 3, in the A-share market, Xiamen Bank rose more than 4%, China Merchants Bank and China Everbright Bank rose more than 3%, Chengdu Bank and Industrial Bank rose more than 2%; in the Hong Kong stock […]