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00:52 Indian farmers protested against the new law that tens of thousands of people blocked the capital’s roads, choking sit-in and long-term resistance

Indian farmers protested the government’s relaxation of agricultural policies. Tens of thousands of people gathered in Haryana and marched towards the capital, New Delhi. (European News Agency) 2020/11/29 00:52 [Instant News/Comprehensive Report]Indian farmers protested against the government’s bill to relax restrictions on agricultural product sales. Tens of thousands of farmers demonstrated on the 28th, blocking […]

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The Indian company denies charges for volunteers to try the COVID-19 vaccine

Sampling test at Indian Serum Institute. (Source: Reuters) The world’s largest vaccine maker, Serum’s Institute India (SII) on November 29 has denied a volunteer participating in the COVID-19 acute respiratory infection vaccine trial. The SII’s statement states that the agency is very sympathetic to the state of the health volunteers this. However, SII confirmed there […]

China quietly 'poured oil' into the India - Pakistan conflict - photo 1
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China quietly ‘poured oil’ into India – Pakistan conflict | World

Khan’s announcement came shortly after the September caucus meeting between the Pakistani military leader and the opposition force, sparking speculation that China had tacitly supported the shocking statement. Pakistan Army Commander Qamar Javed Bajwa, chief of intelligence forces Faiz Hameed and other military generals appear to have advised the head of government on the decision […]

Sequoia Capital supports investments in 17 startups in Southeast Asia and India - VnReview
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Sequoia Capital supports investments in 17 startups in Southeast Asia and India – VnReview

Surge, a program run by Indian investment fund Sequoia Capital to support startups in Southeast Asia and India, has just announced a list of 17 early stage startups selected for Surge 04 2020. These startups are based in India, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia and Australia, participating for the first time since the program was launched. This […]

China brought thousands of tons of 'staple food' near the Indian border
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China urgently moved its herbal medicine closer to the Indian border

Hundreds of Chinese heavy trucks deliver thousands of tons of winter supplies to soldiers stationed in Himalayan outposts. The transport campaign lasted more than a week to help PLA soldiers stationed in military outposts along the border with India stockpile enough essentials and rations to last until spring. Hundreds of Chinese military trucks (PLAs) run […]