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Burger King “plays big” in the Christmas season, giving the whole restaurant to a “big fan”

Burger King had a special year of innovation globally with a “weird” idea that caught the attention. Surely everyone will see that Burger has “played big” when wrapping the restaurant as a Christmas gift for a “big” fan on his Facebook. Sullyvan K. is the man who made more comments than anyone else on the […]

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The story of Apple not giving away a charger to protect the environment: much more complicated than we think

In fact, Apple has chosen both aspects: the benefit of the business and the benefit of the environment. This is undeniable, but which side is more controversial is probably still. The assumption that Apple makes is that customers who buy new iPhones already have old headphones and chargers ready to use. If they don’t have […]

There is a kind of "giving up conservative" called Yang Mi, who wears a "film skirt" when attending the event, and the lighter dare not take photos
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There is a kind of “giving up conservative” called Yang Mi, who wears a “film skirt” when attending the event, and the lighter dare not take photos

#kind #giving #conservative #called #Yang #wears #film #skirt #attending #event #lighter #photos In the past two years, Yang Mi can also be said to be the level of the entertainment industry, whether it is in the field of TV dramas and movie works, or in the dressing style that is now popular. Yang Mi is […]

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Prepare Your House for the Season of Giving With These Festive Christmas Stockings

There are a few must-have Christmas items you need to celebrate the season right. A Christmas tree is a no-brainer along with lights, ornaments and of course a star to put on top. Outdoor Christmas decorations also help keep up appearances in the neighborhood and turn your house into a sparkling holiday diamond once a […]

Epic Games played big, giving both free game and… money to gamers
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Epic Games played big, giving both free game and… money to gamers

( Before that, Epic Games also gave free games to its gamers many times. The most recent is the football management game Football Manager 2020. Related posts From today September 24, gamers will officially receive the Rocket League racing game completely free. Before that, players who want to experience Rocket League must spend up to […]

Vietnam applies the technology of electric combat in Afghanistan picture 1
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Vietnam supports a comprehensive peace process in Afghanistan

Taliban prisoner after his release. (Photo: AFP / VNA) On September 3, the United Nations Security Council held an online meeting to discuss Afghanistan’s situation and activities Giving support from the United Nations in Afghanistan (UNAMA). At the meeting, Vietnam supported a comprehensive peace process led and owned by Afghans. According to the Vietnam News […]